30 May 2011

Travel Bug & Me

I was blessed enough at 18 years old to be given the opportunity to escape to the UK with my best friend to visit her family. Whilst there we pulled pints in the local pub and met some incredible people who will never be forgotten. Bonds were formed, experiences were had and this trip was where I caught my travel bug ...

Although the 'grand' trip is not until July next year, which will see my boyfriend Morgan and I taking off to Europe for 3 to 4 months I have managed to quell some of my travel bug the past 4 years by visiting Thailand twice, Bali twice and Sydney this last January.

I love nothing more than trawling through people's photos and stories from their trips so thought I'd recall some of my fondest memories from my trips with you here.


[ Riding an elephant - my favourite animal - for the first time ]

[ Shooting a gun for the first time - 22 semi automatic ruger ] 

BALI 2009

[ATV'ing through the jungle - getting to meet all the locals on the way ]

[ Getting an amazing experience with a beautiful elephant ]


[ The bonding with my incredible family & friends ]

[ The absolutly crazy drinking & partying time ]

[ The beautiful sunsets & calmness I get when in another country ]

[ Going to the Full Moon party November 2011 - craziest night of my life! ]


[ Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge - conquering my fear of heights ]

[ The shopping frenzy that pursued & finding amazing restaurants ]

BALI 2011

[ celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend ]

[ Creating our own fun, memories & traditions - like afternoon happy hours wherever we are in the world ]

Until my next adventure I will keep dreaming of exotic places & scheming my next holiday ... stay tuned

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