29 May 2011

Motivation for Inspiration

I love to be inspired daily and am constantly seeking out new things that will spark my interest and motivate me.

It could be something as simple as a colour that I love, a dress I have on my wish list, it could be the start of a new season or a beautiful picture of a country I have plans to travel too, it can all easily inspire me impossibly. Wanting something and writing it down (refer back to my previous post here I wrote about goals) keeps my eye on the prize and keeps me working towards HOW I'm going to get what I want. It could mean that I have to save harder, expand my networks, train harder at the gym (fit in a beautiful dress) - whatever it is - it helps to keep a visual of what it is that is inspiring me.

In light of this, and the fact I am doing up my own inspiration room (my glamourous word for a normal persons average study or office) I have decided I am going to do up a beautiful board of inspiration so I can pin everything that is currently keeping me motivated & things I love.


So here's what I am going to need to get my inspiration board going - a Do It Yourself Anna guide if you will.


1. GET CHIP BOARD - a big one.

2. GET PLENTY OF PINS - to hang all my inspirational cut outs

3. HANG ALL MY PRETTY THINGS UP - in a messy, non methodical manner



Stay tuned for the debut of my started Inspiration board - can't wait!

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