My 25 before 25

My 25 things I will* achieve before 25

On the 5th December 2011 - & then again in April 2012, I shared on the blog something personal I had written up a few weeks earlier...a list I compiled of 25 things I wished to achieve by 25. It was, at the time, 15 months out from my birthday - March 27th. I loved the idea of it. 25 things I have always wanted to do, but for whatever reason, just hadn't. I have hundreds of goals, but this is different. These are singular achievements each with their own importance to me and things I absolutely want to and will achieve. I believe two things. A goal isn't a goal until it is written down, and a goal isn't a goal until it is shared. I believe declaring it to the universe & sharing it with friends and family makes you accountable and fuels the desire harder. And this is my declaration. At time of writing this I currently have ticked off 5 things, with a solid action plan for the other 20. It's exciting, exhilarating & I will continue to share each story as I tick it off.

1. Have a never say no Europe holiday.
2. Swim with dolphins.
3. Do something extraordinary for Morgs 
4. Ride in a hot air balloon.
5. Skydive.
6. Ride a camel.
7. Get to Melbourne with Morgs
8. Start my e-book on "......................"
9. Write a letter to everyone I love about why they're amazing
10. Start my second business.
11. Run 10km.
12. Obtain another certificate in Education.
13. Sponsor a child in Africa.
14. Be earning $100,000
15. Swim with whale sharks with my mum
16. Go on a yoga holiday / retreat
17. Read 15 business books (I will be writing a post on which books I read to encourage you to do the same)
18. Go on a road trip.
19. Get a boob job
20. Go to Rottnest Island
21. Get a tattoo
23. Kiss passionately in the rain.
24. Learn 10 French words.
25. Watch the sunset in 10 different cities


  1. Replies
    1. I have decided to have a little champagne party once I have ticked them all off to celebrate - I love yours just as much, 2013 is going to be HUGE for us all xx

  2. I have a 50 before 50 and heavens knows i haven't crossed a thing out yet!!!
    I find your blog trully inspirational and i'm so very happy for you!

  3. Definitely posting my Goals 28 before 28 :)

  4. These are brilliant!! And I love how many crosses you already have!! Woo!


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