29 May 2011

E is for Exercise

So for a little while now I feel I have finally found my 'groove' at the gym, and can happily say that I am a self confessed exercise enthusiast. How I know this is that at 5:30am every morning when my alarm goes off, I don't mind getting out of bed at that un godly hour to go and do my morning work out and even get excited when I break personal bests on the cross trainer.

My downfall though - is weekends. I eat bad, I drink bad and I give myself a break from the gym. I felt that after 5 days of solid work I managed to successfully un do it all with 2 days of badness (yes, I just made that word up). So I wondered what I could do exercise wise that didn't feel like a work out to make me feel less bad. I found my solution that I now love doing every Saturday (or Sunday!) which gives me some down time, a gorgeous view, and still a little exercise.

The solution? I would do exercise that I loved & to me, that has ended up being doing the Canning Bridge & Mount Henry bridge walk which is at 7km.

So for those that always say 'tomorrow' ill start my exercise or have starting at the gym as a yearly new years goal, I suggest grabbing a friend/boyfriend/sister and giving the bridges a go (or some other nice walking track you've wanted to do for awhile).

You get exercise, a catch up on the person you're doing it withs life & a feeling of accomplishment once you're done.

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