12 November 2012

Finding our groove in Valencia

There is this quiet internal struggle each time I try to write about Spain. How can you put on paper and choose words to express how we're feeling, how much fun we're having, and how much we truly love this country when we love it so much. Because we do. Alot. 

Spain just has this vibe about it. I couldn't tell you what it is, or much other than every morning when I wake up, I'm smiling excited to hit the streets or country to explore, and I literally have an overflowing of joy from the inside out wherever I am in Spain. Spain & us just gel. 

Having 4 days in Valencia was heaven as not only did we get to go back to nature, but we managed to settle in to our b&b a little bit after having just spent almost two weeks in the south of france doing 2 nights, 2 nights, 2 nights..you get the picture.

The thing about sharing experiences when it comes to capital city after capital city though is this. A lot of our 'things we want to do' or do happen to 'do' are much of the muchness which when it comes to sharing said experiences, we don't always have something 'unique' to share. Hitting smaller out of the way towns might throw some different adventures in the mix (which we've done plenty of), but our first trip overseas we really wanted to see everything we'd always read & dreamed about which all fell mainly to capital cities. 

Valencia was no different in the stakes of big ole cities. Lots of cathedrals, tours, parks, pubs & general city sight seeing. 

What I can tell you is this. Every new city we get to, it's always mainly explored by foot, by boat if there's a great canal, river or ocean to see, by a double decker tour bus, by train if there is something justttt a bit too far for foot and you will find us constantly being pulled without meaning to be to the highest point of a city to take in all it's beauty. We get lost, everytime, re found, find amazing hole in the wall bars & restaurants, eat traditional food - a lot of it, our growing bellys would say too much - we go out, we stay in, we people watch .... we just find our own groove

Valencia was all the above but so much more because it was all done on our terms, when we wanted and how we wanted. A highlight of course was catching a Premiership game at the Valencia stadium (they won!!) & soaking up the amazing atmosphere the game dished up. If you're ever in Spain, even if you don't watch soccer - you could call it football where you're from - get to a game. The crowds are electric and seeing the players in real life truly is a remarkable experience. 

I could sit here and tell you to ride a bike around Valencia (very fun indeed), to visit the park that used to be a river, to hit the beach and eat some delicious paella, to get out to the country & see the real Spanish beauty, to get lost in their old town, spend hours wandering the markets eating all the tapas & foods on offer and to people watch to your hearts content in all the small cafes on the busy side streets. 

But I won't. That's what we did and it might not necessarily be for you - and you will find your own travel groove. 

That's the important thing though. To find it. To listen to your gut, to not do something for the sake of doing it because somebody else has done it before you, or you think you should because you're travelling. 

The best times Morgs & I have on this holiday - which is every single day of the trip so far - are the ones where we do exactly what our hearts and bodies tell us to do. If we feel like a huge sleep in at the hotel and a leisurely walk around the city vs getting up to go go go because we only have 2 days. Then we do just that. If we feel like watching a movie instead of going out drinking. We stay in, and have the best most relaxing nights in ever. If we don't feel like going to see a museum or statue or cathedral just because its the cities top attraction. Then we don't. Doing it this way, listening to our guts, our hearts & our bodies, has provided us with what has truly been & continues to be a trip of a lifetime.

When you let your days take you wherever your heart or instinct is telling you instead of booking things in as it's the 'done thing', you will find much richer experiences & meant to be moments throughout your trip.

Travel really is about finding your own groove, dancing the beat to your own distinct drum, treading your own path & having the time of your lives.....

We did just that in Valencia, with no really crazy out there things to share necessarily - apart from the Premiership soccer game which was seriously seriously amazing .. but what was solidified for us was that trusting our gut and finding our own groove is the best way to see cities for us.

We have in a few days only 4 weeks left. FOUR WEEKS. I cannot believe, at all, that our huge trip is almost coming to an end, and can say although I don't feel like it went fast at all, knowing when we're home in just 4 weeks, it strangely feels like it flew by. 

With that in mind, I'm off to explore Madrid - hello more Sangria - are there anonomyous help groups for Sangria addiction? & tapas, but I hope your Monday is filled with something you love mixed with a whole lotta heart. 

Love & Light,

Anna x


  1. Hi! I only just discovered your blog last week. What wonderful adventures you are having! I TOTALLY agree with you on the importance of doing what you want to do and not being swept up in the "should do/see" lists made by others. Am loving your blog!

    1. Hello!! Well I'm so glad you 'found me' - I have kept your comments in my email list so I can go & properly explore your blog once I'm home in just over 2 weeks. But yes finding your own groove when traveling has been our biggest & most fun lesson to learn :)

  2. Hi Anna and Morgs, you are so lucky to do what you feel like. I just learn and learn and I don´t even know if it´s going to be useful :/ Keep enjoying your trip for me ;) Btw the football game must have been awesome! :)
    xx Eve.h

    1. Oh eve I sooo remember having those feelings when I was at Uni too - like it would never end, that it kept me from doing things I loved like travel & was it even worth it. But it so is!!! I always just kept reminding myself it would end & when it did I'd value my freedom all the more. Sending you lots of lovely thoughts x x

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