4 June 2012

Pinterest Loves

Today I write this post whilst continually glancing at the calendar shaking my head in utter disbelief that it is June. June?! At the end of next month, we'll be exactly half way through the year and Mr M and I will be on a plane heading off on our big European adventure. As of today, we have 57 days to go, or to put it in perspective, 39 work days to go - because everybody counts things down using how many days left of work they have right? It's starting to become much more real now the closer it gets and not just be a matter of spreadsheets, print outs and planning but instead conversations of exploring the Greek  islands, our cooking classes in Italy, skiing in Switzerland and of course - what exactly we each might want to pack to take with us. I am learning that you can never really be completely prepared for anything in life, and especially not travelling, the bigger lesson I am learning with it all though is actually learning to be ok with that. Things might not go exactly how you planned, flights might be delayed, or fights might spark up when you're tired, and that's ok. I'm also learning throughout all of this the importance of appreciating the journey leading up to the big event as much as the big event itself. Time goes so fast and even faster when you're enjoying yourself or anticipating something so Mr M & I are ensuring we soak in each day as we count down and relish in each others excitement. Life is continuing as normal for now though and as we await until August 1st we have busy work days ahead and weekends packed full of catch ups and dinner dates with loved ones. With that in mind here is this weeks Pinterest loves that are currently inspiring me. P.s you can follow all of my boards here

When we're travelling I want hair styles I can wear that I feel great with and are easy to do and beach curls and waves are fast feeling like they'll be my 'go to' style - this is hair styling perfection to me though.

I adore bright spaces, big windows and anywhere I can see myself sitting with an inspiring book for hours so when I saw this picture I knew I wanted it as future house design inspiration. It was love at first look

Never have I read a quote so simple but so powerful - to me anyway. It's so true though. You have the power to be who you want to be and do what you wish to do. 

I have an insatiable appetite for anything coffee related so when I saw this photo of home made iced coffee I thought it was a little slice of heaven in a jar.

THE best lil DIY I have seen for awhile - You need a permanent marker, some plain white plates & a wild imagination. I would write my own cute little love stories on them. Perfect plates to pull out for dinner parties


  1. I love that braided hairstyle! And yes, it's crazy that it's already June. Where does the time go?!


  2. Sounds like you are going to have an amazing time, I will be in Santorini in July for a wedding, so excited! I'd love it if you could check out my blog and perhaps we can follow each other, I have been following you for a little while now, awesome blog by the way! xx

  3. Oh my goodness I'm so envious of your pending adventures! The hair in the first pic is absolutely amazing and I love the plate DIY idea!

  4. the hair do is so pretty and I wish I had the coffee ice right now :)
    X, Annie

  5. I can't get over how quickly time has flown! That 'home' picture is gorgeous, we have a piece of land that overlooks the ocean and one of my favorite islands, a space like this would fit perfectly. And that ice coffee? I'm not sure if I'm loving the picture more then the drink! Have a great week xoxox

  6. Hi Anna, I love braid everything. Pitty I can´t make myself any :D I understand your preparation plans. I´m going to London for a few days at the beginning of July and I keep thinking about what to take with me, especially clothes plans and I realize that I wouldn´t even have a chance to wear all of them :D And I love coffee too :)
    PS: Sorry for no english translation on my blog, I´ll make it up to you next time :)
    xo Eve.h

  7. Thanks for Sharing........It is amazing...nice site...see bollywood movie online


  8. The DIY for the plates is GENIUS!! Although I'd need to find someone with nicer handwriting to do it for me...

  9. How incredibly exciting that your trip is coming up so soon! Travel is definitely where I learned that you have to go with the flow, understand what matters and what's beyond your control and what stuff to sweat. On packing.... Lots of neutrals that you can dress up with scarves and accessories, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a sundress and a dressy dress. 1 pair of comfy shoes, one pair of scrappy sandals and your thongs. I light jacket and a couple of long sleeved tops. Most importantly... A sense of adventure and a ready smile xx

  10. The plates are seriously too cute. Those are some really great ideas!

  11. Wow, your travel plans sound like a dream come true! I wouldn't want to come back! Love the inspiration pictures! I want my hair to look like that and I love the plate idea!

  12. Hey dear! First of all thank u so much for ur amazing words and advise! It means so much for me!and it's a great feeling to know that somebody as wonderful and lovely as u are supports my decisions!:) thank u so, so much!
    I cant believe that it's already june and ur trip is almost here!i remember us talking about it back in november!time flies!
    I know what u mean with a long flight but im sure u enjoy even it!it's so exciting! Im very happy for u and cant wait to see the pics from ur trip to europe!
    Haha!it's so funny, I just made a post about pinteret! I follow ur boards for extra inspitation!they are so beautiful!




  13. Lovely post! You will love your trip and keep remind me that you should not wait for the things you want to do in live. I am creating a list and hope to thick much of! xoxo

  14. It's crazy to me that its already June. Great post! Glad I found your blog.

    xo Ashley

  15. pinterest is seriously addicting - love all the inspiration!


  16. You've picked the best inspirational photos. I love the last 3. I've copied and pasted your 10 pieces of advice. You're wise beyond your years.


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