7 May 2012

Pinterest Loves

As Mr M & I are getting closer and closer to our big European adventure I am starting to become more and more of a stay at home kinda gal who is saving every single one of her pennies - except Saturday night where I was out on the town with red wine and great friends, hello hungover Sunday. We have 86 days left until we're jetting off to explore this big beautiful world and I am getting more and more excited as each week goes by. It's a big goal that is going to be lived and I am proud of that. Being said stay at home kinda gal though leaves me free to spend my extra hours writing, reading and of course finding lots of inspiration online and my love of Pinterest is only growing. Here is this weeks round up of loves in my 5 categories - Fashion, Home Decor, Quotes, Recipe's and DIY. 

I want need a Coral Blazer in my wardrobe and this is some gorgeous style inspiration when I get my hands on one, I will be emulating this look

When I have my big gorgeous study with lot's of natural light, I want this kind of lounge area in one half of it

I truly believe that thoughts are part of shaping your destiny so when I read this I knew I had to have it on my wall - just try it

Ever since getting back from Bali and falling in love with Banana pancakes I have been cooking, drinking and eating banana's like they're going out of fashion. When I saw this I knew I had to try it

I would love to make one of these for my niece Delilah with a big pretty D to hang in her pretty girly nursery 

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  1. This all looks great !

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  2. I am obsessed with pinterest! Just followed a few of your boards so you'll be able to see my link there :)

    P.S I saw a coral blazer today at Portman's in Harbour Town, I have a feeling there's a few other shops that have them. But seriously, wait until Europe!! I sent boxes home when I went in 2010 haha

  3. Oooo Anya its so hard! haha I do know that and I keep thinking London will be amazing except I dont want to buy toooo much (although I say that now :P)

  4. What beautiful inspiration you have here! Love it all! xx

  5. Hi Anna, I envy you so much your amazing plans that are getting closer everyday. I´m just going to London for couple of days at the beginning of July. No other holiday on my plan right now. I´m studying like crazy and I´m sick of it already though I barely started :( The button E looks so amazing ;) Take care :)
    xoxo Eve.h

  6. Oh Eve London will be amazingggg. Are you going with your bf?? I remember what it was like studying, I still remember the feeling of handing in my final assignment and sitting my final exam - Ill hold on to that feeling forever :) You will get there and you'll be so proud when you do! xx

  7. so excited for you and a bit jealous of your trip! :) ..... those banana cream pies look so yummy too!


  8. I have just read the post about your trip and I have to say that I'm kind of jealous, I'm pretty sure you will be having the time of your lives! You asked about the places we have been to & some recommendations. Out of the ones you mentioned, I have been to three places: London, Rome and Venice. If you would like me to recommend you some places, just drop me a line on my blog and I will get back to you for sure :) Have a nice day!


  9. Its always so exciting planning a trip, I am thinking of one next month too. A travel question...are flights/hotels and such more expensive to Europe than to other countries from Oz? I love that coral jacket, I need to source one for myself. I like the idea of making the letter, its so thoughtful and a lovely personal gift.

  10. Pinterest is a great way to pass the time, isn't it? I'm addicted myself :) Heading on over to check out yours now! xoxo

  11. Hi Anna,
    These photos are amazing! The banana dessert looks sooo delicious!
    And thank you dear for such a lovely comment on my blog!

  12. Great pictures, I love pinterest, it is such a nice time to be surrounded by all the creatives pins! I might add some pictures of my trip and will definitely start following you! xoxo

  13. That banana dessert looks amazing! I am so jealous of your upcoming trip!


  14. I like the blazer. I am literally, obsessed with blazers right now. I just added a white one to my collection. Geez! I have to stop!



  15. lovely room and love the pink button letter. I am excited for you.. Europe adventure sounds amazing... we went to Europe for a 16 day 8 city travelathon before having a baby.. and it was the best thing ever!

  16. The blazer is amazing!! Nice blog:)

  17. Isn't pinterest amazing?!!! the blazer is so lovely. :)

    Travel à la Mode

  18. Oh I LOVE pinterest. I'm totally following you. So awesome.


  19. So exciting about your trip!! Isn't it awesome to have something to look forward to? I'm kind of envious :) And, i definitely hear you on the hungover sunday - i celebrated Venessa's wedding on Friday and Cinco de Mayo on Saturday! It has been a rough, rough Monday!

    xo julia, everything-pretty.com

  20. could we have a craft day before you go and make a "D" photo frame? i have already got another idea forming :) love love this post

    i can't believe in 80 something days you will be in Europe! so lucky xx


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