8 May 2012

My week, with Instagram

I'm going to be honest and let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, after a really hard week where I've been stressed or upset or feel way overwhelmed or if I've experienced all three, I will say aloud I wish I was different. I wish I didn't want so much out of life or I wish I didn't have big goals or I wish I could just be ok with not wanting everything and more out of life. It might sound stupid or crazy but nonetheless I say it. I do however generally have one very sympathetic Mr M in front of me who will always smile, cuddle me and remind me that wishing and wanting everything and more out of life is who I am and tomorrow is a new day. And his right. Everytime. And the next day when I wake up and look at my list of yearly and life goals or think of our big Europe trip or get prepared to fly back out for a crazy week in Parliament where I'll average 3-4 hours sleep a night I realise this is the life I want, the life I choose and the life I actively participate in and really, I would never have it any other way. Life is a fickle thing but it's our thing and no matter what I know we are all blessed to be here - so here is my weeks round up of Instagram pics that show you the world through my eyes.

p.s I'm doing the Photo a day challenge this May and am loving it. Are you doing it? Be sure to leave me your instagram name in the comments section so I can follow you

1. What's on my current bedside table - Amazing book and my iPad (neither I could live without)
2. Delicious coffee from Mr M & I's local coffee shop - it was the morning of Mr M's birthday!
3. Home made pizza and red wine night at Mr M & I's house - so delicious
4. Red wine + me after a long day at work
5. My beautiful 5 year old cat Tarzan keeping watch over me on my rug in my study
6. Beautiful sunrise in Perth whilst walking the Canning Hwy / Manning Rd bridges
7. My outfit from Saturday night - such a fun night = too much red wine + lot's of dancing


  1. Great pictures! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. lovely photo's and your cat looks so sweet!


  3. Great photos :) And I think you´re right about wnating more. I feel like in my country every girl just gets pregnant and marries a guy who she doesn´t really want to be with. I don´t want to stuck with this cliché I would also like something more from my life and I fully intend to work on it ;) Have a nice Tuesday
    xoxo Eve.h
    PS: Thank you for such a flattering comment, you´re just the best :)

  4. Tarzan is sooo cute! He look so fluffy, realy adorable :)

    The White Studio

  5. Great photos! That kitty is adorable! I know what you mean though, sometimes I think it would be so much easier to have a normal life where I wasn't so bothered by things. I'm on Instagram too, do you want to follow each other? I'm LornaRaindrops. Hopefully you can stop by my blog again soon :) :)


  6. Awww Tarzan is quite handsome :)


  7. I know what you mean about wanting to be different sometimes, that's why I'm always glad to begin a new week - lots of new things to come :) Adoring your dress, looks like a great party dress.


  8. I love your outfit! And I'm so jealous of your body! It's perfect!


  9. Cute pictures and love the dress! xoxo

  10. Great photos!You look amazing in this cute little dress!

  11. Oh I'm exactly the same! Wear myself out beyond exhaustion but I wouldn't have it any other way! I used to always say, "oh it'll be quieter for me eventually" buuuuuut that day still hasn't come! haha.

  12. I know what you mean by waking up and wishing we were someone else I often wish the same there's no shame to recognise it! I love photos of sunrises and sunsets they are part of the beautiful things of the world. You look great in this outfit too, love it :)

  13. Dear Anna, I wanted to let you know that I sited your blog for a picture that I found on your site. http://barefootbarn.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/partner-communication-tip-4-its-your-choice/. It's the picture of the elderly couple. It's gorgeous. I tried to find the original site where you got it from, but I couldn't. I wanted to let you know that I sited your blog! Lovely, by the way! Lisa

  14. So funny you wrote these things. I always feel the same way. I commit to so many things and feel like I am always sprinting from one place to the next. I like the look at it this way...I want to go out of my life knowing that I left everything on the table (putting in every ounce of effort I can to every single thing that I do, fully utilize my potential, make as much of an impact on the world as I can etc.)

    And at the end of the day I realize I really wouldn't have it any other way. Life may be exhausting...but why would you waste it not going after every single thing you want?

    There's my pep talk for the day.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Following you on Instagram now.

    TheStylist LA

  15. I'm exactly the same. I can't settle for second best and I sometimes get myself down about not having achieved all of my life goals already. My boyfriend has to remind me that I'm only 24 and I should be happy with what I've achieved so far.

    I think it's great to be so driven though, and even though it can get on top of you sometimes, remember that those that take risks lead the most exciting lives.

    C x

  16. Hi dear, I think thats a form of therapy. I sometimes wish the same, only in my mind :) Very cool pictures, your cat is adorable, mine is about 4. You look so stunning in that dress.

  17. fun pictures! you look lovely!


  18. @barefootbarn - thank you for letting me know :) I had just found them all through google images and referenced them under the piccy so hopefully that helps :) Ive visited your blog and it's gorgeous - so insightful and amazing advice I'll be sure to leave you a comment so you know I've stopped past.

    @thestylistLA - I adoreddd your comment, loved all of your advice. We are ALL clearly girls who want to leave this earth having put everything on the table and it seems we're all working hard to do that. I'm following you on Instagram now also :) xo

    @HeandShe - We clearly completly understand each other on that front and our similarities are uncanny - I'm also 24 and have to be reminded of that :) Such a gorgeous and refreshing reminder that 'only those that take risks lead the most exciting lives' - so true xx

  19. These are so gorgeous! I know exactly how you feel, sometimes after a bad day or week everything is just so overwhelming and you want to curl up somewhere and sleep for a month straight. But the very next day you have to get back on your feet and back to work *sigh* It's a vicious cycle! My Instagram username is cindyfeng92 :)

  20. I love Tony Robbins! His books are great.


  21. I always love your shots of Perth mornings and evenings (despite the fact they make me slightly homesick!). That dress and those shoes...hot!

  22. Oh boy do I know how you feel. Life can be tough sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Love your instagrams, your dress is beautiful! I'm @milyrenee on Instagram :) x



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