10 April 2012

Pinterest Loves

I am going in to today after having the most incredibly fun past 4 days. We just had our long 4 day Easter Weekend and I made sure I filled it with a good mix of going out, staying in, yummy baking, fun adventuring, catching up with friends and having some quiet moments with Mr M, some of which will be shared on here over the next few days. As my quest of finding the perfect balance in life continues I seem to be getting more inspired than ever with cute DIY's (dying to do the wallpaper frames for my office), recipes I can bake over weekends and quotes that inspire. Here are the 5 things that are currently catching my eye this week.

I'm crushing any/all things knit at the moment but this outfit inspired me to no end with it's seemingly warmth and gorgeous pastel colouring. I need to add all of these pieces to my wardrobe LOVE!

I'm constantly looking for aqua inspired design ideas for my own office at home and this just made me fall madly in l.o.v.e

There is never any harm, ever, in reminding yourself that you should be and deserve to be chasing the life exactly like you imagined. I know I am

Being new to my sweet tooth the first thing I have mastered to eat is cheesecake, this, coupled with my current obsession with cooking/presenting things in jars I am dying to give this recipe a go

I am doing some of my own DIY wallpaper at the moment but saw this pic of framed wallpaper and loved the idea to brighten up our lounge room wall


  1. Yeah pinterest is getting lots of hits these days...I think m gonna start using it too...I will follow u when I open it's account...
    Btwbe sureto check out my NeWpost

  2. I'm glad you had a great time:)

    I love this quote!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love how pretty things look in glass jars :)

  4. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog and i think it is amazing! I really likeyour posts! i think the first outfit of this post is really amazing!
    What about following eachother? I follow you by gfc and bloglovin!


  5. Such gorgeous inspiration, love the dessert in the jar idea. The wallpaper frames are brilliant! Love it and want to try it out too.

  6. I love the pastels in home decor... and I LOVE desserts in jars - so much fun and the perfect size :)


  7. Ooo great picks! Esp loving Bee in the first one, she has such amazing style (and closet!). Happy belated easter :)


  8. I love that first photo! The knit with pastels is amazing! :)

  9. Lovely picks, Blair's knit cowl in the first picture is amazing! The parfaits in the small jars are adorable too!

  10. Great inspo! I need to own everything in the clothes photo as well! lol

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  11. That Thoreau quote is exactly what I needed today. =]


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