11 April 2012

Farmers Market

I had awoken on Saturday morning to one very hung over – I think he was still drunk - Mr M bouncing through the bedroom doors after a big night out with the boys. He had just gotten home and in a pure moment of being too kind/his going to regret this later, he suggested we go to the Farmers Market for the morning, something I’d been dying to do for months. So off we trotted, me, well slept and sprightly, Mr M, worse for wear and hungover. But alas, regardless of our demeanour's, we both had the same result – a lot of fun and a new found love in our local Farmers Market. We sipped on organic coffee, drank pure fruit juice, loaded up on our weekly organic fruit and veggies and I even bought myself some 100% pure oils which I’d been wanting for too long – tea tree and rose hip – and scored myself a bunch of my fav flowers from Mr M, lilies. Such a gorgeous morning and a new little place we’ll be visiting often.

[Fresh produce all ready to be eaten]

[Mr M chuffed with his find of 100% natural pure fruit juice. SO yum & SUCH a great hangover cure]

[Lots of pretty potted plants]

[Home, trying to juggle all of our purchases]


  1. nice pics! I love going to farmers market x

  2. Where is this? Looks gorgeous! I go to my local Mr Claremont one on the weekend :)

  3. This ones in Karrawa Cindy! So off Manning Road, I haven't been to the Mt Claremont ones so will have to give it a go. I have done the Fremantle Markets & Subiaco Markets before but this was something different as it was all outdoors and felt like such a community event. You can get a boost of Vitamin D (the sun!) whilst you shop as well which was an added bonus :)

    Anna x

  4. I love Farmers Markets, everything is so fresh and delicious!


  5. Hi Anna, it looks as a great great place. It´s a shame we don´t have anything like this anywhere close. I believe it was an awesome morning for both of you.
    PS: I´ll try to post as many spring and summer pics on my blog for you ;)
    xoxo Eve.h

  6. Love farmer's markets, it's so much better getting fresh produce from there rather than stores. It's such a pity we don't have something like it here...even though I live in a farming area! All the pretty plants look lovely.

  7. Farmer's markets are the BEST! And your striped skirt is too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. LOL sounds like you had a fun night! I think farmer's markets after a night out is heaven - all that fresh food :) Yummer!


  9. Aww that's too funny, and what a trooper for going :) You look so lovely in that striped skirt... perfect Farmer's Market look!


  10. I love going to the farmer's market. I'm looking forward to my local one starting again next month.

    And what a trooper you have! :)

  11. there's nothing like fresh produce! I wish there were more farmer's markets in ny!!

  12. nice day there :) Xx Art a la Rue

  13. I LOVEEEE Farmer's Markets... that's true love offering to go to a farmer's market with a hangover :) I have one near me that has the best olive oil & breads.. i partly walk around for the free samples.

    xo everything-pretty.com

  14. Hi Anna, I just stumbled across your blog today and was immediately intrigued. I LOVE farmer's markets too and I am always bummed out when I miss it for whatever reason.
    While checking out your previous posts, I saw that you're planning on going to Europe by the end of the year - so exciting! And from your list of places I can definitely recommend (to name but a few): Luxembourg, Budapest, Dublin, Rhodes, Edinburgh, and, most importantly, Austria and especially Salzburg! That's my home and if you have any particular questions on what to see and do, please feel free to ask.
    I decided to immediately follow your blog and you might want to check out mine as well:


    I do write about Salzburg as often as possible so maybe you'll be inspired :)

    Cheers, Yvonne


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