17 April 2012


I made brief mention last week about my babysitting escapades that I was going to be getting up to this past weekend, and babysit I did! You know how people say if you want to see what it's like to have a baby you should first get a puppy? Well, having now babysat my 9 month old niece Delilah and a 8 week old puppy at the same time I can confirm, they are nothing alike. A puppy sleeps more and can be left on it's own, babies, cannot. My sister asked if I could look after my g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s niece on Saturday so she could have some of her own 'me' time and I was actually beside myself with excitement. At the same time, Mr M's dad had asked us if we could look after his new 8 week old Great Dane puppy Draygo - yes the name is from Game of Thrones - and of course we didn't want to couldn't say no. So, what do you get when you have a 9 month old baby and an 8 week old puppy at your house on a sunny Saturday? Well, a lot of cute photos and extreme tiredness by 5pm of course. Mums, I take my hat off to you I really do. Mr M was pretty much a super hero and had both Draygo and Delilah pass out on him for nap time at the same time - which of course melted my heart. All in all it was such a fun day filled with giggles, playing and exploring and taught me some valuable lessons, namely I am not ready for either a puppy nor a baby and especially not together. Mr M & I are content with "just us" for now.


  1. Awww the picture with sleeping Mr M and your niece and the puppy is so cute :) I´m also still not ready for a baby and I don´t know if I ever will be. Hope you had a good start of this week ;)
    xoxo Eve.h

  2. A puppy AND a baby! Girl you can officially do it all then :) Love the picture with your niece and the computer... too cute!


  3. Love the pictures, she looks s sweet an cute! That puppy too and I agree they are no the same, but if you can handle both, you should be alright :) xoxo

  4. i loved your blog, you are looking so elegant, i am following you if you follow me too i would be so happy :)


  5. haha, I love the photo of the baby sitting on the keybord! :D


  6. I couldn't stop laughing just looking at the photo of Mr M and your niece passing out on the couch. Such a classic photo!

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  7. Awww your niece is adorable. So is the pup! Both at the same time does sound like a tiring task to handle but a fulfilling one nonetheless. Its great that you can try out having a baby and pet just for a day

  8. thanks so much for visiting my blog, you are a brave brave woman! kudos!


  9. What a cute baby and puppy!! Beautiful pics, dear!!
    Kisses :)


  10. thank you for visiting my blog!

    that puppy is too cute! i want it! i agree about being content with "just us." i don't know if i'll ever be ready!


  11. AH! That picture of the baby and the puppy passed out is possibly the cutest picture I've seen in a long time.

    I know that I will get a pet before a baby, just to get used to having the responsibility of taking care of something's survival. You're a brave woman!

    :) Ewa


  12. I thought the baby was cuter than the puppy... but then I saw the baby on the computer and now I don't know! Super adorable.

  13. Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about! I was babysitting when I was at the Uni, and it convinced me that I'm definitely ready for mu own baby yet :) But these photos are beyond cute!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  14. sooo sweet!


  15. All these photos are SO gorgeous! The one of Mr M, your niece and the puppy all together is heart melting! I'm with you - I have such a great appreciation for all the mums out there - we spent a couple of days with two of our nieces when we were back home and fell into bed exhausted at the end of each day.

    Thanks for passing my blog along to your girlfriend - let her know I'd be happy to talk to her about the move if she'd like!


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