7 March 2012

Making a difference - Kony 2012

Something remarkable is happening around the world that I am excited and inspired to be a part of. I am sure that most will have already heard of or seen the video already but the people who started it all want it shared, and share it I will. What I'm talking about is bringing down the 'Lord Resistance Army' through capturing a man named Joseph Kony who for over 20 years has avoided capture and criminal charges. He has gotten away with kidnapping innocent children, some 30,000 of them - and turning them in to murderers against their own will. But not anymore. The revolution has begun and the organisers of Kony 2012 are asking to share this video below, to make it viral, to keep pressure on politicians which will keep army advisers and soldiers in Africa tracking this monster down. I believe he will be caught, and I believe it will be done because of just a few guys dream to change the world. It is a 30 minute video but I beg and implore you to watch it. ALL of it. The change starts with us - and it starts now. Share it to family, friends and through your blogs and be a part of this worldwide community to bring this monster down and change these kids lives.


  1. Good luck with this, sounds like a good cause.

  2. I love that this video has made such an impact so far, I am joining this and will be sharing it on my blog and facebook too!

    Please drop by Tulips&Tulle soon :)

  3. I love your blog - it is really inspirational.


  4. I've been thinking about this for a while. I've always been a supporter of invisible children, but it seems as if the financials behind invisible children is receiving a lot of negativity all of a sudden. Nevertheless, I love seeing everyone become involved and discussing real causes. It is much better to consider this Kony situation than just celebrity gossip!

  5. Yes Melindaaa I totally agree - There has been a lot of new discussions today on the finances etc of the charity and is it really going to help by us all tweeting/facebooking/blogging but I still believe yes!!Whatever your views of Kony 2012 and what could/should be done, at the very least the campaign shows us people have power. A lot of power especially when all working together. The question is how we use it.
    Anna xx

  6. Thanks for your inspirational blog Anna!

    xo Grace

  7. I was so touched by this video after stumbling across it last night. I've already ordered an action kit.

    Quiet Luxury

  8. Way to spread the word! I am so happy each time I come across a blog that has this video posted #stopkony!

    xo Ashleigh


  9. Sometimes it strikes me how bad things happen in this world :( xoxo Eve.h

  10. Still need to watch this. Will do it today! Thanks for posting.

  11. I just found your blog sweety. You have such a great sense of style.
    Can you follow me through bloglovin and i do the same?



  12. i've seen this video about kony and i totally endorse it!

  13. wow! that's so stunning!
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