5 March 2012

A little part of me that means a lot

I celebrated a very important milestone recently on the 23rd of February this year, something I haven't shared before on the blog. You see, 2 years ago, on that date, I had a major surgery that I had wanted since I could talk - almost - Corrective jaw surgery. I had lived with my whole life, quite a bad under bite (& it affected my teeth) and although it didn't dictate who I was, it was a major source of insecurity and general unhappiness when it came to who I saw when I looked in the mirror. As with everything though, I won't complain unless I am fixing something so mum -  (who was my biggest support) - & I got me on waiting lists for the top surgeons and orthodontists in Perth to fix it. The process was long, and the surgery that resulted is major (they break your top and bottom jaw and re align them with bolts) but the final result is me today and the happiness and closure I feel from it all. My top jaw was broken and moved down and forward to it's correct position and my bottom jaw was broken and moved up and back in to it's correct position. I've always been positive, but the best way I can put it is it made my outsides match my insides. I have ashamedly, shy'd away from talking about it publicly in the past as after my surgery and subsequent changes physically and emotionally I had some negative reactions from 'friends'. 2012 for me is the year about embracing change and living my best life and with my jaw surgery being such a major part of my positive, happier change I'm not ashamed of it anymore or worried to talk about it. Yes, it made me happier, I didn't hate so much anymore. Yes it made me look different, but it's who I was meant to be, and Yes I have more confidence, but this is the life I was born to lead. So on my 2nd year anniversary instead of celebrating quietly, worrying about what past friends think, I am celebrating loudly and excitedly. Mum & I made a book on the whole journey and experience as I wanted to keep the reminder of what a major part of my life it was, and will always be so below are the photos from the book I'm sharing today.

So here's to embracing change. Here's to always celebrating who we were and who we become. Here's to living the best way you know how. Here's to knowing who you are and not being afraid of judgement and criticism. And here's to life. We only have one shot at it so why not take it by both hands and be exactly who you were born to be.


p.s you know the best part about it all? I actually finally, after 23 years, look like my sister and my mum, before I looked like some distant relative.

[Just out of surgery & in to ICU]

[Day 4 in hospital, out of ICU and in to my room, incredibly swollen & sore]

[Day 3 - so so so swollen but happy]

[First hand look at the changes as the swelling lessened]

[Before & After shot. I never smiled with my mouth open prior to surgery]


  1. Awww I can't believe you had to undergo something so intense. Kudos for being so brave to share these photos and your experience on your blog. I'm really happy that everything is alright now and you're happy with the way you look!!

  2. You are an inspiration Anna - you are so very brave! Stay true to yourself and you will remain the happy, courageous woman you are. You don't need 'friends' in your life who don't support you and/or bring you down. You're a gorgeous woman both inside and out and no one should ever dim your light!

    x Mich


  3. Beautiful post Anna. Really, not many people have the courage to share such a difficoult experience and feelings with other. A friend of mine is going through the same and I can see it is really hard...

    a huge hug,


  4. Hi Anna, I admire you so much not only for courage to share this thing publically but for being through something like this itself. I believe that everything bad is good for some hidden reason you find out later ;) You are just awesome :) xoxo Eve.h

  5. Thanks for sharing this!!!! Really lovely! You look fab!

    Julie xx
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  6. So brave, thank you for sharing this very inspiring story and post with us!

    Be Frassy

  7. Great post dear, such an inspiration and you look better now !


  8. Love this post!! So happy you had a successful surgery! Id love to hear what you think of my latest posts and have you enter my very special giveaway!


  9. Wow, this looks scary! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your story. :)


  10. What a journey Anna... I can imagine the courage it took to celebrate this out loud and I admire you all the more. You're fabulous, you don't need "friends" like those. Thanks for letting us celebrate this milestone with you xx

  11. What a journey... I can imagine the courage it took to celebrate this out loud and I admire you all the more. You're fabulous and you don't need people around you who aren't going to tell you that. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you xx

  12. Wow :) You look beautiful!!! And you are so strong and inspirational. I got chills reading this post and seeing the strength you've shown in sharing something so personal. This is a rare post to come across. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for sharing such a big life impact story. It looks great! xoxo

  14. Very brave of you to share such a personal story Anna. Well done!

  15. Your story is truly inspirational. Last year I've suddenly begun having serious cystic acne that nearly disfigured me and had a huge blow on my confidence and social life. Now it's under control, but still, it doesn't take a lot to make someone vacillate into hopelessness. Body image is our homepage, our business card, even though the inside beauty is more important, and it's quite a blow to have it affected.

    Again, thank you for sharing your story.

  16. I'm so happy you had this surgery and had the incredible strength to share it with the world! I am currently in my final year of medical school and I know how traumatic these procedures can be - especially since you had to convalesce in ICU - but to know that you are so happy with the results makes me truly happy!

    And you are absolutely beautiful! You were beautiful before but now you radiate with that inner glow of confidence. :)

    Thanks again for such a lovely post. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  17. Your comments were all read and appreciated so much - thanks for taking the time to leave such personal comments.
    I was glad to be able to share it with you and if it means someone who is going through this themselves find this post or has a friend or goes through something similar and it helps - then I acheived what I wanted.

    Anna xx

  18. Woow I couldn't even imagine that you had to ungergo a such tough experience. Whatever people will say you feel good about yourself and this is the most important thing. It's great what science can do, you look gorgeous and even more confident and I'm happy for you :)

  19. You look like a completely different person! You are so strong to make that decision & then go through the pain...I can't imagine how hard that may have been! But screw the so called 'friends', my favourite dr seuss quote: "Those who matter don't mind & those who mind, don't matter" never forget that! xxxx

  20. Congratulations on ur surgery
    I am from perth itself and have somehow the same problem. My upper jaw needs to bring down because of the non visibility of my upper teeth n also lower jaw needs to bring forward because of week chin.can u plz recommend me ur surgeon and orthodontist. I have been to one of the surgeon and he does nor want to perform upper jaw. He said there are 100% chances if relapse. Have u had any relapse?
    Plz help me. I would be very thankful


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