16 November 2011

My Sister

I think it's hard to ever really sum up exactly how you love and trust a Sister, but those that have one know exactly what I mean. They're best friends, secret keepers, councillors, shoulders to cry on and individuals who love and know you better than most. I was blessed a million times over when Mum gave me a little sister named Bethany - Beth, or as I love to call her, B. She was the sister who sung me to sleep every night up until we stopped sharing rooms when I was 15, and who when we were younger, would yell out to mum when I got too tired after I had another bad nightmare.

At 19, she fell pregnant with her lovely boyfriend Jay, and 9 months later, blessed our family with the most beautiful niece you could ever imagine - Delilah Grace. I admire B so much for her maturity and the incredible way she has assumed a role as not just sister, daughter, friend, and girlfriend anymore - but mother also. She has a beautiful soul and gypsy heart and my life would have never have been so rich without her in it.

B recently started a blog which I wanted to share with you today and encourage you to go and visit. She aptly named it cubs, carbs & other love affairs & you can visit it here . From an un biased point of view, seriously, It's a blog I know you'll enjoy as much as I do. It's probably the most honest one I've come across, and she shares the ups and downs of her life and what its like being a young mum, along with some delicious recipes & the likes. You won't regret the visit & read.

So B, I love you impossibly and thank you for being you xxx

[ Mumma B & Daughter Delilah ]

[ Having a blast together on Australia Day this year ]

[ B & I on my 23rd birthday - she was 7 months pregnant ]


  1. This is such a sweet post, and your sister sounds absolutely remarkable! There really is nothing in this world like the bond shared between sisters. You each others' dirty secrets and gossip like no one else, but you also know each other's deepest, darkest fears and most-embarrassing memories and still love each other anyway. I'm excited to check out her blog (what a lovely name, by the way!), and I always smile when I visit your blog, Anna! You are such an inspiring, amazing lady. :) Thank you so much for supporting my blog and film, and for believing in me. Wishing you a lovely middle of the week! :) -Jennifer

    PS: Your copy of CONSUMED should be shipping out around New Year's (once the absolute final version is complete), and I'll let you know as soon as it ships out. :)

  2. this is such a lovely post....Delilah Grace (beautiful name, even though I may be a bit partial to the Grace :))...and a wonderful blog name.... carbs & other love affairs (brilliant). I am going to check her out now and follow!


  3. you are so pretty- LOVE your dress in the final photo- congrats to your sister!!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  4. This is such a nice and sweet post of yours! I'm sure your sister is pleased to hear all that wonderful words and of course she's proud of her sister to be such a great blogger! and oh my! Your niece is the most beautiful baby-girl ever!




  5. Love the post! Having a sister is a gift to be treasured xoxo

  6. ah! im so embarrassed and honored at the same time :) would do anything for you sis xox

  7. I totally agree with you!! My little sister is so much for me!!
    Btw sorry for not commenting your previous posts I'm so busy with school because of my upcoming exams, I'll surely do it and check your sister's blog :)

  8. Aww love this!! And thank you for the recommendation... off i go to read!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  9. This is such a wonderful ode to your sister. I am reminded how lucky I am to have a sister as well so thank you for sharing these loving words. You both are lucky! And thanks for sharing B's blog!

  10. Hi Anna, you´re so lucky to be close to your sister like that and the family resemblance is unmistakable when I look at you two. I have an older sister too but we aren´t very close. Maybe it´s because she´s five years older than me. Anyway I´m working very hard to make it work between us. Wish me luck :)

  11. What a sweet post! I will definitely check out her blog... I feel the same way about my brother - family is the best!


  12. Hi Anna

    She looks lovely, it's lovely that you are so close



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  14. so sweet - sisters are like built in best friends! also, cute dress from your 23rd birthday!


  15. Anna... this post is SO lovely. B. sounds amazing and will check out her blog. I totally feel the same about my sister as well. And yes, pizza, baseball, cocktails and shopping are on the cards when you come to NYC! Have a lovely weekend x


  16. Really sweet


  17. loved this post and your sister's blog.
    ps heard you can now get a beauty box in Oz!

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