14 November 2011

Colour Blocking

There comes a time in every girls life that she really comes in to her own and discovers properly the style she is or loves and personally, I find that with age (not to mention a gorgeous stylist girlfriend) I'm getting more confident in who I am and the fashion I love. It really is incredible the feeling you can get from putting on an outfit that just works for you - and I believe all girls no matter age or size has the right to feel that healthy kind of confidence that has them stepping out their front door with a "I can do anything" smile. Fashion Trends come and go and what I have finally realised is to not jump on a trend for the sake of it. Now a days, I will adapt something in to my wardrobe if it's my style and something I feel great in, not necessarily just because it's on trend. Some good examples.

Velvet - a massive no no for me. I haven't liked it since I was little, and I will most likely never like it (never say never though right), so I happily saw that trend come and go.

Colour Blocking. I love it. I have always loved bright colours and statement pieces I can incorporate in to different looks to create new outfits so when this trend hit Australian Shores (after watching it explode overseas during our Winter) I couldn't wait to do some of my own colour blocking. In keeping to my own style however and doing what was right for me with this trend, I chose to more add bright colours with 'outer wear' (think belts, bags, accessories).

Here are some of my pieces I've added in to my wardrobe to do my Anna style colour blocking.

[ Bright Orange shorts I wear with a patterned or plain shirt ]

[ Skinny coloured belt - I bought the aqua one. It was love at first site ]

[ Royal Blue bag - perfect to add a splash of colour to any outfit ]

[ Orange feathered Necklace which I am dying to pair with my aqua belt for my own colour party ]

psstt - It should come as no surprise to those of you who follow the blog that all the above items are from ... Erin Louise - my favourite local NSW designer can do no wrong in my eyes, or wardrobe. 


  1. Sarah looks divine as she always does)
    love those blue bag's colour!


  2. Totally agree with you! I simply love color blocking, and those orange shorts of yours are killer! :)


  3. LOVE that purse Anna! what a great statement piece to have. so cute!

  4. I agree with your view on trends and clothing making you feel more confident :)

    Very cool items !

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  5. I love colour blocking, it's definitely one of my favorite trends!


  6. I was never into velvet either but I recently discovered some gorgeous purple velvet fabric that I'm kind of dying to do a DIY with haha. Definitely love colour-blocking though!

  7. I absolutely LOVE colour blocking too! There's nothing like bright colours to brighten up my mood :)
    And that blue bag is adorable!

    x Mich


  8. Lovely post Anna, and what you say is so true. Your own style does develop as you get older and wiser. I have to push myself to wear colour but when I do I love it.


  9. obsessed with sarah's look here. love love love this post. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a brand new FASH FOR LESS with Giuliana Rancic. I'd love to hear what you think. xo


  10. awesome post lovely ♥


  11. i love color blocking too! And I especially love those shorts of yours

  12. I love color blocking. I just wish I had the guts to do a whole outfit. Maybe that shall be my next challenge haha.


  13. Great post, love those shorts! I love the colour blocking trend, and that outfit by SJP is perfect inspiration!


  14. i love this combo ! it is perfect for all the seasons!

  15. These accessories are really pretty, i love color blocking as well these days.
    x, Niki

  16. I really like Sarah's look!


  17. I love this trend


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