9 September 2011

Summer is on its way

12 sleeps.

That's how long us West Australian girls have to wait until the Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) kicks off and I couldn't be more excited. I have been trawling through all the featured designers collections that will feature on the runway and the styles, colours and trends are all super inspiring me for Spring and Summer. I think there's always a little bit of anticipation as each new season arrives not just for the changing weather and moods it will bring, but also the wonder and excitement at what colours, fabrics and styles will be on trend along with it. Obviously this season is no exception and I know that PFF won't let us gals down with magical fashion treats. I had never heard of one particular designer though who's name is Bernice Sara (show is on Saturday 24th September) but was intrigued as she does Swimwear and resort wear - an area of fashion I don't always spend hours obsessing over unlike other areas of clothing. I loved the description of the Bernice Sara designs being for the sexy, fashion savvy woman who likes to stand out in the Summer sun and indulge by the pool. Because I mean, what gal doesn't love the Summer sun (with sunscreen of course!) and a little indulgence by the pool? Her swimwear is simply beautiful though and I felt with the sun shining today what a perfect day to share some of that
Exquisite collection. Did I mention they deliver for FREE all over Australia - and there is international shipping too!

I hope you find the line as inspiring as I did for Summer.

If you want to buy any of these beautiful peices just visit Here and you can shop till your hearts content.


  1. Hi, I´m soooo jealous. The swimmwear is beautiful but mostly I envy you the summer on its way because here in Europe the summer´s almost over and fall is on its way. So enjoy buying swimmwear. I have to buy sweaters, coats etc. instead ;) xx Eve

  2. Seriously loving that first black swimsuit!! Gorgeous.

    And thanks for your workout advice the other day. I took a week off of running, and I think I'm going to try just 3 miles today. Wish me luck! :)

    xo jess

  3. Love the Copa Cabana suit. Enjoy the summer =)

    I love your blog and added you to my new blog roll of blogs I follow.


    ♥ Shia

  4. lol how funny ..

    and we are about to say byebye
    to the summer here

    enjoy it and get a good tan :)

    follow me

  5. i love the one piece black suit... we still have a lot of summer to go through

  6. I absolutely love that printed coverall.

  7. love all of these!

  8. I love the two black swim suits and the stripes.

    Lucky you Anna you get free shipping but I know you're trying to save money for your website which I'm really excited about.

    Hope you have great weekend.


  9. lovely!
    what a great post, keep up the good work!


  10. Hey - just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog; I'm having an absolutely smashing weekend and I hope you are too. I've been having a wander around your blog and it's a wonder; this post is making me soooooo tempted to jet off somewhere hot and sunny. In England it's mostly just rain rain and rain lol! Thanks for sharing these - I'm following you now so I look forward to many more inspiring posts :) best wishes xx


  11. Oooo thanks for sharing! There are so many lovely swim suits - I think my favorite is the blue stripey one :) Unfortunately summer is ending here in Canada, so I'll be putting my swimsuits away! Have a great summer in Aussie :)


  12. Nice picks !! Especially the first one !! Great blog :) Following , please follow back ;)

  13. I love the cuts of her swimsuits - thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for stopping by and yes, the Mexican restaurant was great! Where will you be going in the US? The US has great mexican food on both coasts and the Southwest. Enjoy and if you stop by NYC, let me know if I can provide any tips!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. Gorgeous swimwear :)

  15. Thanks for your very sweet comment ;)

    very nice post!


  16. nice swimsuit pics

  17. Thanks lovely ladies! It really is making me even MORE excited for Summer!! Her collection is amazing and I think has a swimsuit for most shapes for women.

    @MissRaj - I actually have a dream to chase the Summers around the world. Wouldnt that be nice? Never see a cold Winter :)

    @Rockerchic - you're such a darling for remembering that!! xx


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