8 September 2011

Learning to love the skin you're in

This week in Australia it is Body Image & Eating disorders awareness week and I thought I just couldn't not take the opportunity share it here with you. Body image is such a massive shadow that hangs in so many peoples lives but I believe that no one (not many people anyway) would put their hands up and actually say "yes I have a negative body image issue". So here's some facts:

  • Ninety-seven per cent of women will say something negative about their body every day, such as: "I hate my thighs", "I hate my stomach" or "I'm ugly", a US survey reports.
  • The first thing women notice about other women is how fat they are, a UK study of 2000 women found.
  • Ninety per cent of women aged 15 to 64 want to change at least one aspect of their appearance, most of all their body weight, according to an international survey.

Sad huh? This post isn't to give an in depth discussion on how to not have body image issues. We're women - I swear its genetic. However if this post can at least for today, thrust the issue in to the minds of some & shock them with such high statistics about how negative we are about ourselves. Then great. Because we really do need to stop doing this to ourselves.

Next time however you go to say something negative about yourself I dare you instead to pick one or two things about yourself you love & focus on that instead. It might be your eyes, your hair, your legs, whatever it is, be grateful for it and say what you love instead of focusing on what you don't.

In the meantime, I'm going to work harder on loving the skin I'm in -life is too short to be a statistic of negativity towards myself.

Remember girls - you're BEAUTIFUL so start owning it.



  1. That is so sad and the second photo is sickening! I feel so bad for girls that have such a distorted images of what's real and what's in their head!

    PS-Anna you rock, I love your comments!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  2. Hi, I absolutely agree and every girl should see herself as a beautiful human being. I really like your posts. ;) xx


  3. Perfect post! :)


  4. I adore the skin I'm in.
    And embrace everything about my person ( both negative & positive ).

  5. Anna,

    You're on a roll this week. I love your post they always give me something to think about and they're inspiring.

    I think we should embrace who we are and love every bit of ourselves.


  6. I don't like my knees but I think they're comical more than anything else!

    I think it takes a lot for women to come to terms with their bodies and truly embracing it comes with great difficulty for many.

    Thank you for always being so positive and giving just, if just for a moment, a beautiful look at the world.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    the birthday dress

  7. You know, I was walking my dog last night and a six-year-old girl turned to me and said the most heartbreaking thing. She said, "I love your black dog! Black is actually my favorite color because it makes me look thinner in skirts and dresses." Did I mention this girl was SIX? And, the thing is: I can totally relate to having this mindset from an early age. I think I spent all of my childhood believing I was fat and dressing to try to camouflage myself. Hearing this girl say this about her body made me realize I need to do a better job of encouraging every young lady I come across to love themselves. I think your idea of taking stock of the little things you like about your body is great, Anna. I also think it's helpful to think about the amazing things our bodies can do, like run for miles or kiss the ones we love. Thanks for another compelling post! :) -Jennifer

  8. It starts within - the most important thing is to be kind to yourself, yet its so difficult sometimes!

  9. Thanks for this! You are right I think it is genetic. When I get down on myself I try to think...okay would I say this to my friend? NO! So why am I saying this to myself. We always have great things to say to our friends we need to do it for ourselves as well!

    ♥ Shia

  10. i love this post

    i always had weight issues all my life
    i have a really bad metabolism so i have
    to take extra care of myself at all times

    i used to hate my body, hate the summer and the
    bathing suit season, people called me horrible names, etc etc

    now i got to the point where i love my body
    if i go to the gym and eat healthy is because i want to, not because i feel obligated.

    After loosing 50 pounds on my own, there is no way i am going back to what it was before :)

    have a great weekend love!!

    follow me

  11. Great article. Thanks for raising awareness on a taboo issue like this.

    Fashion Dawgs

  12. I really love this post, especially the advice you give about focusing on a positive feature you like about yourself anytime you're feeling insecure or about to say something self-effacing. I think that is incredible advice and I truly believe that positive thinking is the first step toward happiness. I'm glad you stopped by my blog, because it led me to yours. Great stuff, I'm following you now.

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  13. Great post! I think everybody has those days where they feel less comfortable with their body, but it becomes a real issue when it leads to an eating disorder.

    Your post is a good reminder of the importance of loving yourself and trying not to think bad things about yourself. But instead to embrace the good things and feel confident.

    All smiles at Kalamalka Lake

  14. Your comments on this post were amazing girls. I love hearing other peoples stories and when your willing to share! Hopefully with time and some positivity the statistics will change and peoples perceptions will become more happy and healthier.

    @Melu103 - How amazing you lost 50 pounds. You should be sooo proud of yourself, and I love your comment on doing it because want to not because you feel obligated. Its how it should be :)

    @Cotewrites - Isnt that so sad that a girl of 6 said something like that? If it can inspire us all to say nice things about one another and about ourselves hearing things like that then at least all is not lost xx


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