6 September 2011

Dear 16 year old me

So I was incredibly fortunate to stumble upon the above video the other day and had to share it and urge you to watch it - in its entirety! Its unfortunate that almost every one of us can say that someone we know has been affected by Cancer, but when I heard that Malignant Melanoma is the second most common cancer in young people, it took my breathe away, considering we’re the generation who are the ones sitting basking in beautiful sunshine on a weekend and lounging for hours on the beach – this is important to watch, and important to take the advice seriously from. With age I’ve progressively gotten better with sunscreen, but after watching this video I don’t step outside the house without it on now. I loved the actual idea surrounding the video though too of giving advice to that 16 year old you. Inspired by this idea – here is my advice to 16 year old me.

  • Listen to your mothers advice - even when you think she's just being a bitch and is out to get you, shes not, and you'll come to realise she only ever did what she did because she loves you.
  • Don't follow crowds and always dance to the beat of your own drum - you'll be the best you can be sticking to this rule.
  • Don't confuse love with lust - boys never will so don't be the fool.
  • Keep chasing dreams and pursuing goals even if no one believes in you, you will always prove them wrong.
  • Take care of your skin, the sooner you start the better.
  • Wear Sunscreen!!!
  • Water isn't just for bad hangover - so drink it. Lots of it. Daily.
  • Trust your gut always. You're more intuitive thank you think and when you feel it's wrong then it probably is.


  1. Hello Anna, this is a really beautiful post. I especially agree with the statement about the dancing to the beat of my own drum. ;) And thank you for your comment on my blog. ;) xo Eva

  2. Hi Anna! Thank you for all of your amazing and encouraging comments on my blog. I use my blog more of a personal diary & memoir so I never expect anyone to read it.

    I adore the originality of your blog & the neat posts that you write so I hope you don't mind if I use some of your ideas as inspirations (I love this post & What's on Monday's Mind) to help jot down all of my thoughts.


  3. Great Tips! Listen to you mom is #1 to me!)


  4. You should definitely get a bow or some fun hair accessories! It's really easy and makes quite a difference.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.Great advice there especially the last one!!

  6. haha totally agree, esp the wear sunscreen and take care of your skin!! cuz once your skin goes it's harder to revive it!

  7. Great post...I got chills! You gave such wonderful advice. Especially about the love vs. lust. It is all too true.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    ♥ Shia

  8. Anna thank you so much for sharing this! This video did make me a little teary but I is so important to get this message out. Love the dont follow crowds advice..I would also tell my 16 year old self that as well

  9. amazing post!

    you gave out such good advice
    i enjoyed reading every single one of them

    my fav .. listen to mom
    they always have the best advice, the best interest at heart, an answer to almost everything

    i would love for you to follow me <3

  10. Anna,

    This is so inspiring. I love what said about "don't confuse love with lust boys never will so don't be fool. You did such an awesome job.


  11. Hi Anna, this is a great post and I would really tell my 16-year-old self some of the same things, especially "to not follow crowds" and also that I shouldn't worry about sounding like my own mum one day - I now do! ;-D

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I liked the description of your "romantic" first date :-)

    Love from London xo

  12. I adore this idea of writing a letter to your 16-year-old self! I've actually been thinking about the advice I'd give this younger version of me a lot lately. The advice about wearing sunscreen and not setting yourself up for cancer is a very important one, and I love every other piece of advice you wrote as well. One thing I'd add to the list is: "It gets better. Life can suck for months or even years at a time, but if you love yourself and strive for the life you want it really will get better." Thanks for this sweet post! -Jennifer

  13. I came across this video the other week and it definitely struck a chord as well. Love all your points and I have one to add which is very personal to me:

    - Never, under any circumstances, ever, attempt to dye your hair blue no matter how post-moderinistly awesome it may seem. 'Shrek' is a difficult nickname to live down, and will remain long after the colour has washed away.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    melbourne: the bold and the blackman

  14. I love this. I have really light skin and blonde hair, so I always worry about melanoma. I really wish I didn't lay out in high school. I rarely ever do anymore, and when I do, I am sure to have sunscreen all over me!! I'd rather use fake tanner... may not look quite as good, but at least its safe!

  15. wouldn't it be great if we could go back in time and give ourselves some advice?

  16. Wonder video, Anna! Thank you so much for sharing this-it's so true and something we don't think about when we're trying to get a little sun!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  17. Well I'm glad everyone liked the post :) I hope some learnt some great advice from the video too - its so important to take care of our skin no matter what age we are.

    @Lindsay@DelightedMomma - Yes I got teary too! I was at my work desk and welled up, and then consequently made all my work mates watch it haha

    @Jennifer(Cote'writes) I could not agree more. In fact that deserves to go in there! Its the advice we all need reminding of no matter what point of life we're at and I hope some others got something out of your comment even now :)

    @Kel - you WOULD die your hair blue hahhaha oh that advice made me laugh! I hope the Shrek nickname has died off now :)

    Anna xx

  18. This is a really informative and lovely post. Bravo, great post! And indeed, all the advice and the video totally send the right message to us, the younger generation, what we shud know and yes, sunscreen all the way!!

    btw thx so much for ur wonderful comment on my post, much appreciated, following u now. It'd mean the world to me if u could follow me too :)


  19. "Don't follow crowds and always dance to the beat of your own drum - you'll be the best you can be sticking to this rule."

    So true!


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