25 July 2011

What's on my Monday's mind

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  • What isn't on my mind.
  • I think is the more appropriate question here.
  • I still find it incredible that one human being could open fire and kill 83 people without even showing remorse.
  • Are people born evil?
  • Or do they get that way from experiences.
  • I have thought that a lot today.
  • My verdict on which sits more comfortable with me still is out - evil from experiences would mean they have something to blame it on. Excuses.
  • I dislike people ever feeling they can use an excuse for behaviour or how they've turned out.
  • We all have a choice to do right, be kind and be respectful.
  • It all starts with a choice.
  • I think I need want another holiday.
  • Where I can laze by the pool, drink cocktails and refresh my mind & soul with late night dancing, sleeping in and pigging out on food from other lands.
  • I can take photos of the culture so I can be reminded of the fun when I'm home and wanting another holiday within hours.
  • Such peaceful thoughts holidays are.
  • Don't wish life away.
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**Photos posted today are from my old / new fascination with Polaroid photos. I love that they can make modern era seem like photos that were taken many moons ago & no matter what you snap there is always some dream like, romantic feel. I found the photos from this website (She hit pause studios).


  1. adore this. thanks for another lovely post. I hope you had an amazing weekend. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my favorite little treat shop in Beverly Hills. Thanks love. xoxo


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  2. awesome post! nice to know whats on your mind :) Following you now :)


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  3. I love the photos, they're really cute! And you sound exactly like my thought processes! I love you blog, it's adorable, and you're so pretty!

    Hope you can check out mine! Comment if you like, follow if you love!

    xo Hannah


  4. What a great post & great pictures !!


  5. Great blog! These photos are lovely xo


  6. Cute thoughts..I can see ur full of life...thanks for following me!
    Love form Sydney,

  7. Thanks girls :) glad you enjoyed the post xx


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