26 July 2011

Let there be Rock .... (& punk)

[ Luke, one of my friends I met in the Mosh Pit - We had to get his Tattoo's in ]

In light of always seeking new experiences and having fun along the way, I let Mr M take me to my first Punk Rock concert this last weekend. Sure I Love (with a capital L) music and my taste is far and varied but I had actually never been to such a concert before. My concert 'resume' consisted of dance music festivals in Summer, Hip Hop artists I used to dance to when I was a teenager and chilled out events with a picnic rug, bottle of wine and equally chilled out music. The verdict from Saturday night? I Loved it. Sure I may have only known 1 out of the million songs the band played, and sure I was getting pushed around by sweaty boys with long hair, but it was such a different experience and one I got to share with people who have a genuine love for "their" music and "their" band. You can't beat that. I got to drink booze out of a plastic cup I normally wouldn't touch, (in light of trying ALL the experiences at such a concert) and chatted to mean scary looking 'dudes' in the mosh pit* whilst we were all waiting for the band who turned out to be intelligent, lovely people. It wasn't my kind of music/scene or cup of tea in general but being there with my love Mr M, and experiencing fun new things made it an amazing night out.

[ Some of my view from the night ]

*yes, you read right. Mosh pit! It was sort of almostttt an accident I got in it but once there I was like hey, why not. I messed my hair up and got a bruised foot (my war wound I proudly showed off the next day to Mr M's friends who visited) but now I can say that I have been in a mosh pit.

**Apologies for the bad quality of photos! It was from my iphone in the dark.


  1. Haha that sounds awesome! My boyfriend is obsessed with these kind of concerts but I have always been to nervous to go. Maybe I will have to try it out sometime.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


  2. you MUST. It was fun to see my bf side of music (he loves it too). Give it a go and you might surprise yourself at how much fun you can have! xo


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