11 July 2011

What's on my Monday's mind

  • Life 
  • In general, no not in general really, I went to a funeral of a friend today so I suppose I'm more thinking about death. 
  • But not in a sad way.
  • More in a 'I'm so lucky to have my health and life' kind of way. 
  • Her name was Anne & she was a beautiful soul.
  • She passed from Cancer - at age 26. 
  • Sad. So sad.
  • I think that no matter how many funerals you've been to in your long or short life they're always sad. 
  • Even if it's meant to be a celebration of one's life.
  • Her family read out lessons she had taught them after she had accepted the fact she was dying. 
  • I think everyone could learn from her. 
  • She said too....
  • Be grateful for your Independence, don't get mad at peak hour traffic & make your time and hours count.
  • There was lots more but I loved those as I keep thinking its a good reminder to never sweat the small stuff, and keep everything your going through in perspective.
  • My stresses from the past few weeks/months seem small & insignificant now and I'm even more excited and motivated for the future. 
  • Anne has been on my mind most of this Monday so until I spill my mind next Monday - I'll leave you with her little lessons to think about. 

The photos today were very reflective of my mood, thoughts & day. I found them hereherehere and here.

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