27 May 2011

Spend or Save

Any female would relate when I say one of my daily struggles is stopping myself from online shopping. Although I can proudly say I have some restraint, sometimes all the gorgeous pictures of the available items at just the click of a button get too much and I make a good dent in my bank account.

I am saving hard to get to Europe though so am going to start a new thing on my blog where I debate to "Spend OR Save". I will compare an item I have my online shopping eyes on, & then find a similar item at a fraction of the cost.

Today's Spend or Save is my weakness - High Heels!


These gorgeous black heels are $249 & are Peep Toe.


And these gorgeous black heels are $69 from Fiebieger.

After purchasing 3 other pairs of heels this week, I have voted, and gone with the $69 Fiebieger's. I'm still going to be getting my perfect 12cm heeled, suede shoes - for $180 less.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha holy moley woman you have a problem! Lol. I spent $40 on a new pair of black peep toe shiney wedges today.. And I felt horrid spending that much! Lol.. If you've got the money - go girl!!! SPLURGE :D


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