15 May 2013

Links I love

1. In the midst of Chaos - Do this by Jia Ni Teo ... amazing article, gorgeous girl, a must read. 

2. This photo - because she encapsulates the feeling I want everyday. Free. Empowered. Fun. Exciting. 

3. These ridiculously gorgeous stackable rings - I have ordered m & a to wear on my right ring finger. YES

4. A daddy's letter to his little girl - Read it with huge emotion. Every little girl needs this letter. What a dad x

5. Paid to exist article - Great video for budding entrepreneurs + learning how to stay focused. BOOM.

6. Top 20 Coco Chanel quotes - ever classy, ever darling, ever Chanel .. she always got it SO right. 

Happy internet browsing o'beautiful one xx

1 comment:

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