5 December 2012

Berlin & Munich in snapshots

Breathe in, breathe out, release. 

Phew. So after writing my piece on Monday about how much of an emotional (but of course amazing) experience Berlin & Munich was due to the absorption of different museums & memorial sites, there of course is some joy that also needs to be shared. 

Travelling is like anything else in life and needs to be carefully balanced, because after all, what is joy without pain, love without hurt and excitement without fear. We need to experience the bad sometimes to enjoy the beautiful moments in life all the more, which is exactly how we did Berlin & Munich. 

Even though I sobbed for hours at a memorial concentration camp, I then laughed and squealed and spun like a giddy school girl that night when Morgs & I were walking through the magical Christmas markets, and even though we both left the SS headquarters museum with heavy hearts & drowsy heads, we still got out to marvel and explore the beauty that Berlin also had to offer. 

We found love and excitement and beauty all around us in both cities we visited - we had the light stuff with the heavy stuff and the joy with the sadness, we were balanced. 

So here is that balance, the joy, the fun, here is us, in Berlin & Munich telling our story through photos - because after all, a picture truly does tells a thousand words (or in my case, 2,000).


Walking with no particular plans and no desire to 'have to' be anywhere or see anything leads you to the best parts of a city ... we stumbled upon the impressive parliament .. the man candy isn't too bad either huh!!

Smiling even though it was about -4 and we'd been out most of the day ... with Christmas markets to explore though we couldn't go home just yet ...

Morgs FULL of excitement with his first German beer on our first night in Berlin ...

Cities by night are always such a beautiful sight & Berlin was no different, we stumbled upon Brandenburg Gate which is where the Berlin wall ran in front of to seperate West Germany from East Germany...


On the train, music on, WOWED & SO excited at the first sight of full on snow. One minute it was paddocks of green, then moments later, we were in snow territory. Fun train ride indeed...

Exploring the main square in Munich, on the hunt for the perfect pork knuckle (& sight seeing of course) .. p.s we found the perfect pork knuckle.

We have really, seriously, reallyyyy eaten our way around Europe..& it has certainly been no different in Munich / Germany in general. Morgs sampling the goodies from the many many market stalls

Having the time of my freezing life at the Christmas markets in Germany, this country sure does Christmas markets well, and by well I mean extraordinarily well.

Last night in Germany what else would we do but drink beer .. (& eat pork knuckle of course) 

The crazy beautiful mess & mayhem that is the Christmas markets in Munich..


  1. Hi Anna, I´m glad you went for some fun after those hard feelings you had. I´ve never been to Christmas markets in Germany but in here it´s almost the same and I love the atmosphere so I´m sure you enjoyed it as well as the delicious samples of food ;) I was very nicely surprised by the snow when I woke up yesterday. It´s so romantic. Or at least to me it is :) Take care of yourselves guys and I hope you have plenty of warm clothing with you. ;)
    xx Eve.h

  2. Great pictures and I'm happy you enjoyed fun after such somber feelings! I'd love to visit those Christmas markets---wish we had them here!

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