6 November 2012

Her + Him = Love

{ Santorini }

As you grow up, whether you listen or not, your mum will always be giving you pieces of advice to help you make your way through life. My mum gave me tonnes, things like .. no elbows on the table, always give & help others, to trust my gut..but it was this one piece of advice that I always remembered and held in high regard...

You don't know someone until you live with them, and/or travel with them. 

Ohh how true it is. If you think you know your partner, (or friend even for that matter), live with them (or travel with them, or do both!) and you may be very surprised to find things out about them you never knew. 

Morgs & I have lived with each other over 4 years, so if you thought that was ample time to have learnt every little thing about each other, you would be correct. Except (!!), here we are 3 months in, living in each others pockets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, realising that there were 2 or 3 things we never knew about each other that this trip has shown us.... So from each of our mouths, here are some things we've learnt about one another that we didn't know before.

Things he learnt about her
- That she is a much better navigator than I ever gave her credit for (seriously, she has trekked us all around cities and home without missing a street) 
- That she needs to eat often, otherwise a slightly cranky Anna appears.

Things she learnt about him
- That his a nervous flyer. Ok so not nervous...but really doesn't like turbulence  Up until this point I honestly thought he wasn't afraid of anything...but Turbulence on an airplane is not his favourite thing.
- I never knew he could eat ice cream as fast as he can. Let's just say, if it was an Olympic sport, my guy would bring Gold home for Australia every time.

Oh I KNOW...how insignificant! ha. Such teeny, tiny little things, BUT.. still things we couldn't believe we didn't know about each other before. I think what this has shown us both mainly though, is that we really do know almost every inch of each others quirks, the good the bad and the ugly but love each other even harder.

The biggest lesson we've learnt together on this trip however is how to fight fairly & to communicate, communicate, communicate and we have certainly grown to appreciate each other even more so than before we left.

Other than that we can't stop laughing at how much we finish each others sentences, say the exact same thing at the exact same time and start a conversation mid sentence about something completely unrelated, and the other one knows exactly what we're talking about. 

It's been an amazing 3 months so far and we are both at a stage where we are reluctant for the next 6 weeks to end but excited to be home all at the same time but in the meantime, we're still soaking up every second of this experience we're loving being on. 

Spain has already exceeded all of our expectations and I'm not sure I want to leave - so we'll be posting about our first tapas, sangria & paella experiences soon....Until then,

Love & Light,

Anna x
(+ Morgs input on what he learnt about me...I tried not to act shocked when I saw he put I'm good with directions...it's only taken him 5 and a half years to admit it - WOOOHOOO!!)

{ Being silly in Barcelona }

{ Making wishes on the Charles Bridge in Prague }

{ Having an insane amount of fun on our captains 'Sailor & Pirate party' dinner on Sail Croatia }

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