18 October 2012

Our perfect days on the Amalfi Coast

Pictures are sometimes worth a thousand more words than words themselves & for our Amalfi Coast experience the pictures will do it far better justice than my mere words. 

So allow me to share our story through some pictures we snapped over our 5 days spent there (2 more days would have been just perfect)...

We arrived in to Positano with wide eyes (& a gape mouths) so excited for a relaxing few days ahead of us with this amazing view ....

With the sun still out and the afternoon young, we decided to take the 230 steps down to our private beach to lounge in the sun and ...

Dip our toes in a new sea (The Tyrrhenian Sea) 

With the sun setting Morgs decided to pour some red wine & listen to music, whilst I did some blogging before dinner - more inspiration of how to live my perfect days...blogging with views & sunsets like this

Day Two dawned & we decided to get some exercise in before breakfast ... & it felt amazing! 

We spent the day in recliners on the beach & the balcony overlooking the sea so enjoyed it when some welcome storm clouds rolled in to say hello ... 

But not before long they were gone again to make way for another beautiful sunset watched from our balcony in Positano ...

The next day we were up early to catch the bus to Amalfi where we were staying another 2 nights ...& we managed to catch some of the beautiful sunrise against a stormy sky ... 

Luckily the day turned in to another stunning blue sky & we escaped back down to the beach in Amalfi... That afternoon we wandered in to the tiny town to lazily window shop & try some local cuisine...

We managed a very leisurely sleep in to awake & order our breakfast to the room & when I came out of the shower, this is what greeted me on our private balcony .. We had to pinch ourselves that it was real.

We thought we would trade our bathers for some clothes and explore the town some more, so we packed a picnic & went down by the water to eat our lunch quietly .. (this shot was taken on the balcony all ready to go)

After walking in the quaint town & exploring stair cases & ally ways we stopped off in a side street to sit in sunshine, drink our cappuccinos & people watch - a favourite past time of ours...

After we went home for a nap & some relaxing on the private balcony we went out for dinner for our last night on the Amalfi Coast - reflective & slightly sad to leave...

We walked slowly back to our hotel taking in the last gorgeous sights ...

Sitting quietly drinking my coffee on our balcony the morning we had to leave, promising the Amalfi that we yet again..may return!

Love & Light xx


  1. OHMY! What an amazing place and I am just a teeny bit jealous of how relaxing this looks and how beautiful! Thanks for sharing so I could be a part of it!

  2. Beautiful!!! This is exactly what I want to be doing right now! I need an operation before I can sit that long on an aeroplane and I have been putting it off and putting it off out of fear but seeing things like this makes me motivated to be brave and bite the bullet so I can start making dreams a reality sooner!
    I know you are enjoying every single moment - good on you!

  3. That second to last photo of the water with all the lights shining, AMAZING! Looks unreal x

  4. I have to travel there one day! The photos are stunning.


  5. These pictures just make me feel so happy. And how lovely and long is your hair! I love traveling and then coming home with this motivation to improve life and make things wonderful. I love trying to recreate and capture the feelings you have when you're on holiday when you're back home. I find that it's a great mission to me on. And hi to Mr M too xoxox

  6. OMG, I just can´t find better words for these pictures ;) It must have been fantastic :)
    xx Eve.h


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