2 October 2012

My plan is set, the goal is made

Do you ever have those moments where it doesn't matter how little sleep you've had, or if you know you'vegot a huge & horrible day ahead of you at work, or you know that not everything is perfect, in fact, far from it, and yet, you're still just....Happy? I'm talking soul deep, jump out of your skin, face hurts from smiling kind of happy.

No? Maybe? You're not sure?

I had thought I knew happiness like that, I had felt like in my pursuit of balance - which I have since realised doesn't exist - I had known the feeling of pure contentment. But I hadn't. Not until travelling half way around the world and taking long hard looks at my goals, passions, lifestyle, but most importantly...Myself. Once I peeled off all the layers of sureness & confidence, there it was. Vulnerability. A vulnerability I hadn't allowed out before or admitted I even had. It involved long walks along winding rivers in unknown beautiful cities crying my heart out to Morgan admitting my greatest fears, hopes, dreams....admitting my true self, and I have never felt so free. Free enough to even admit that. 

There is SO much to life. So much to me, you, to every single one of us as individuals. We are complicated, intricate, emotional beings whether we care to admit it or not, or if we embrace it wholeheartedly. 

Through seeing the world, meeting people from all walks of life, each person has had their own unique and completley different but interesting story, one thing has become incredibly apparent to me...

Everybody IS in fact the same - we are all in pursuit of happiness. In all that we do, or say or hope for. In all our actions, reactions, goals, friendships, love stories...Everything.

Happiness can be and is different for everybody. It could be the feeling of excitement, importance, affulence, freedom, love from many..but it all has the end goal. To make us happy. 

I have never felt more on the right path than I'm currently on and am crediting travelling for a large part of that.

I am gathering momentum & soul inspiration as I go along - but have a VERY exciting plan brewing that I hope will inspire hundreds & thousands of girls nationally & worldwide. 

Imagine if you could plan your perfect day and live it, achieve all your goals you set, pursue jobs that you actually loved & not just what paid the bills and more. Imagine if you got to be genuinely happy - in all that you do. 

I want to inspire you to find your true passion, set some fabulous goals, follow your calling that is deep inside your belly & find what makes YOU happy.

The plan is set, the goal is made.

You will have to stay tuned over the coming months but this is my declaration to the universe that it's on it's way....


Love & Light xx

Psst - here are a few more pics of us following & finding our Joie De Vivre ...

1. Watching some beautiful hot air balloons float really low over us at coffee in Austria.
2. Our new favourite addition to our traditional cappuchino's - whipped cream.
3. High tea at an incredibly beautiful restaurant in Budapest ... most delicious apple pie I've ever had.
4. Some stunning views on our first morning in Prague.
5. Learning about the history of the restaurant we were dining at in Budapest - it was 100 years old.
6. Being lame tourists in Budapest on a red tourist bus. 
7. Scouring a 2nd hand book store for an old vintage book.
8. Drinking traditional Hungarian wine in Budapest.


  1. Hi Anna, I believe that experiencing something like you are now is just groundbreaking. I just say everyone should go for their happiness whatever that means ;)
    PS: Prague castle is really beautiful isn´t it? Do or did you stay somewhere near it?
    xx Eve.h

  2. That is wonderful Anna. I don't remember feeling like that. I have moments of happiness through out the day.. but a feeling of constant happiness irrespective of the amount of sleep i had or the type of day I had. Good for you.

  3. this is such a lovely post, inspiring=)

    i've just started a new blog and, as you followed my old one (the heart blog), i was wondering if you'd like to check out / potentially follow my new one?=)


  4. Anna, I am having a blast reading through your posts! Your happiness from this one somehow jumped out of the page and I found myself smiling as I was reading along, you have a talent there lady!


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