20 June 2012

My week, with Instagram

Sometimes life overwhelms me in emotional, beautiful ways and it is generally just in very quiet moments, very non eventful moments, unassuming moments that it occurs. It happened to me again the other day. I was driving home from work and I started to think about just how lucky I was to be here, living, in this very moment, which instantly got me thinking about how some religions place so much emphasis on heaven and the 'after life' - you don't even want to know how far my mind can wander sometimes. I wondered what kind of life other people lead if instead of living in their here and now moments, that they were content knowing that their 'after life' would be heaven. I don't want to get too heavy or spiritual but do want to challenge the notion that what if this life is it? - of course how exciting and beautiful if there is heaven -You see, I believe or at least I live as if heaven is in actual fact earth, that this is it for me, so at any given moment, should my time be up - I lived as best as I could. I truly believe that we are all given the opportunity to create our own extraordinary lives filled with whatever we choose to fill it with - especially love. Putting it simply, to live as if heaven is earth, whatever version of heaven you believe in. We are all here trying to find our own paths, create our own meaning in our lives, and it's a beautiful, exciting thing - My lesson this week as I was finding beauty in the small things & capturing it through the lens of my camera was the above. That just in case this is it - to make sure then that I live everyday with my heart & soul, leave everything on the table, make sure people know that I love them, make sure that everyday I'm doing something that I love and to treat people exactly how I want to be treated and to live, hard and fast and with love, as if my version of heaven is earth

1. A quote which is a life mantra we should all be living by
2. Cosy night in consisted of coffee + magazine = bliss
3. Dinner at mums house with a big glass of red & the fire place a blaze
4. Daydreaming of warmer months spent at the beach
5. The beautiful view one night driving home from work
6. Drinking my fav drink vodka lime & soda after a long day at work
7. Big cup of delicious coffee shared with loved ones over the weekend
8. Cupcakes baked with my sister 

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  1. Love your pretty instagram pictures... Beach (yes please!), and coffee + mags (bliss!)

  2. What a beautiful post Anna, I am of the same view as you! Life can be difficult and scary at times but there is so much love and beauty in this world, I try to live in the moment as much as I can :) xo K

  3. So true. I like living in the now too instead. Heaven is on earth!

  4. Lovely pictures.
    xo, Petra

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  5. There´s nothing I wouldn´t agree with :) Amazing post as always and beautiful instagram pics as a bonus ;)
    xo Eve.h

  6. great post and lovely pictures :)


  7. I like your version of heaven on earth :)! Xoxo

  8. Such awesome photos! Love that beach pic, and those cupcakes look ahhmazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. I think a glass of wine by a fireside sounds good. Well not right NOW because it is only 7:45 in the morning...maybe by noon. ha ha!



  10. I'm 100% on board with you! Love all of the photos. I'm going to follow you on Instagram. I'm altdawn :) xoxo

  11. Instagram is an addiction. It always makes pictures look better.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. What a sweet post, and exactly what I needed at the end of a rough work day. I definitely need to remember to leave it all on the table, that's not something I've very good at. Love your instagram pictures, I'm going to follow you now :D

    Thanks for the chocolate caramel slice, this sounds like something that would be totally up my husband and my alley!

  13. You are too incredibly sweet! I love your outlook on life! I am a new follower and would love for you to stop by The Jem Journal and follow as well!

  14. I can relate to what you're saying, not just because I'm a Christian. It's so easy to take things for granted. For the past few years, I have friends who were barely in their 30s who literally dropped dead or died from an illness and others who are very very sick. I appreciate life, friends and family more these days.

    1. It's so devestating isn't it? And it just seems the health crisis is only rising. I always say all we've got is our health - without that we've got nothing which is why health & vitality is my number 1 value ... xx

  15. Great post. I agree with you :)
    We shouldn't take this life for granted.

  16. the life mantra in the first photo is so true -- I tell myself this one all the time!!!

  17. I laugh at the tangential paths my mind takes sometimes! I love those small, beauty filled moments in life and enjoy following yours already on instagram!


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