14 May 2012

Pinterest Loves

There is nothing quite like a weekend of opposites, full of events but quiet time, early starts but sleep in's and relaxing nothingness but productivity which was exactly what my whole weekend contained just gone. We are a mere 78 days - but who's counting specifics right? - away from Europe so are being extra hermit tight asses behaved when it comes to spending. I seem to have perfected the right balance of staying in vs still having human interaction however which is something I'm quite proud of. Friday night saw me + Mr M + bottle of red + couch + Movies whilst Saturday night saw us out in Perth City trying out a gorgeous new bar for my girlfriends 25th, all in all a lovely weekend all round. Here is what I am currently being inspired by on Pinterest however - p.s you can find all my boards here.

I have finally found the leather skirt that needed to be in my closet which I purchased over the weekend so I am now loving finding style inspiration to go with it (I have seen lots and lots of girls with buttons all the way done up when it comes to styling)

When - not if - I own a big beautiful house I always wanted it filled with loved ones so find outdoor entertaining ideas like this so inspirational. I also have a current obsession with open fire places as we come in to the cooler months. I LOVE this verandah

I have been quite stressed at the moment about work & when I saw this immediatley let it sink to to my whole being. Sometimes we really just have to close our eyes and let it go. 

If I have never mentioned to you before, I am actually a cold hard chocolate addict. Really. No really. My addiction of choice is Twix bars so when I saw these homemade twix slice I thought I'd died and gone to chocolate heaven (Mr M has been asking me every weekend when I'm going to actually make them so I figure sharing this makes me all the more liable to follow through on it!)

Mr M has secretly made me quite the nerd with his love of computer games, software and Marvel movies so when I saw these gorgeous framed DIY's I knew I had to make some for his man cave (aka anywhere else I can think of to put them in the house)


  1. Oh myyyyy! That chocolate plus caramel is making me melt. I have been really craving salted caramel lately, I want to eat it morning, noon, and night :) Hope you have fun styling your new leather skirt!


  2. THAT VERANDAH! OMG. Heaven! Love it x

  3. which one do i choose to love more? they all look amazing!
    what a clever idea with the letters :)

    p.s i love the shorts and if your house had that verandah i would live there with you xx

  4. Oooo B that is my secret plan! haha Have a big enough and gorgeous enough house to have friends and family there alllll the time - I can see us now with our chilled wine sitting in big comfy chairs in front of the fire :)

  5. Hi Anna, I also like watching fire in a fire place. And we are both chocolate addicts :D I love those keyboard DIYs. They are perfect ;) I envy you finding the balance between work and leisure. I keep learning as my exam period still hasn´t reached its end. Take care of yourself :) xoxo Eve.h

  6. Hi dear, thanks for your lovely comment. A great selection of inspiring pics.The verandah looks like the perfect place to relax. A Twix slice - I want to make it, sounds so yum! Please do let me know when you make it, I'd also love to try it out - although we don't get Twix here..hmmm.

  7. I love Pinterest too, you can always find amazing inspirations <3<3
    would you like to follow each other?

  8. I love the jeans shirt and leather shorts look!
    Wow, that verandah looks so beautiful!

    Now following you, if you like follow me too!

    Have a lovely week
    X Camilla

  9. Love your post, I would love a leather skirt too and homemade twix bars sound like heaven indeed! xoxo

  10. I'm not the biggest fan of twix, but the homemade stuff looks good!


  11. great inspiration photos. =) I adore the styling from the first photo...


  12. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend... mine was very similar, beautifully relaxed with just the right amount of catch-ups/fun things to do.

    I couldn't help but laugh when I saw you were a chocolate addict. I was at a particularly gruelling personal training session today and managed to gasp out between squats that the only reason I exercise is because I eat chocolate and that perhaps I needed to reconsider my chocolate intake. Trainer nearly died laughing...

    On a separate note, I cannot recommend NT/Uluru highly enough. It's really the beating heart of our country, incredibly beautiful and I totally agree with your mum - spiritual. I'd do it again in a second.

  13. Thanks for the wishes Anna! that's so sweet of you :)

    All your pictures look delightful especially the homemade twix!

  14. Thanks for the lovely compliment! All credits to photoshop for "clearing up" my complexion haha. These are so gorgeous! I'm especially in love with the first pic, now I need to find myself a leather skirt and a pair of leather shorts! Where did you buy yours from? I've been hunting all over Perth!

  15. Those homemade twix made me SO hungry - yum!!! Looks so good!

    I have been trying to brainstorm ideas on how to save money too, but still maintain a fun social life. It's hard because of ALL the weddings i have going on, that my summer spending is going towards that. Luckily in the summer time, there are tons of free events in NYC, including an amazing summer concert series in central park!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  16. pinterest is seriously so addicting! love all the inspiration it holds.


  17. the leather skirt is what i have in my close as well ;)

  18. OMG - I am a twix addict too!! Those do look super yummy!!

    ♥ Shia

  19. Love that first look as inspiration, especially the quirky red glasses! Have fun wearing your new skirt! xo


  20. I never would've thought to match a button up with a leather skirt! Great combo.



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