30 April 2012

Pinterest Loves

Do you ever just stop sometimes, even if only for a moment and not worry about the future or how you're going to achieve all your dreams and goals but marvel instead in wonder at what you have achieved so far. No? Me Either. But we should. We really should. I had read a quote the other day - surprise surprise - that went a little like this - "the reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they have to go instead of how far they've gotten". I am a huge believer in bucket lists, setting goals, having dreams but I also think its so important to remember and be proud of what you have achieved so far as well. Have you had some gorgeous children? Traveled somewhere you'd always wanted to go? Gotten a degree? Swam in a different ocean? Lived a tough life and come out a better person. Well I think you're amazing, nay, I think you're extraordinary - be proud, marvel at your own greatness and use it to be even more motivated in the future. Life is about living after all so celebrate what has been and get excited at what is to come. My Monday posts are about 5 things which inspire me currently on Pinterest however and here they are this week.
I have just acquired more coloured jeans - a red pair and a blue pair so I am constantly looking for new style inspiration on how to wear them well and loved this look (I need some coral coloured ones stat)

Hi my names Anna and I love baths. Yup. Love them. I need this bath tub in this bathroom. Big tub + big window = Annas bath bliss

Simple but so true. People won't always like what you have to say about everything but if you stay true to yourself and you're not hurting anybody then you're living as the best original you can be

I am slowly putting together recipes for a high tea fundraiser I am going to host and this little mini pavlova has made the cut - mine don't look as amazing but one can only try right?

Mr M & I's loungeroom walls are blank. Terrible I know. The reason being I hadn't found what I wanted to decorate them with but as of this DIY I have. I'm making words on canvas that suit us & our lives to hang. Love them!


  1. Wow love that quote with the girl running! Awesome pics...

    Btw be sure to check out my new post

  2. Great inspiration ! Everything looks so pretty and the cake looks delicious

    new outfit post !

  3. Hi Anna, I usually read your posts in the morning and I just get such cheer from them ;) There´s nothing I wouldn´t love about your blog :)
    xoxo Eve.h

  4. great photos!!!!!!!


  5. I love that the bathroom has a little chandelier - too cute :)


  6. Okay, i love these neon jeans. And, i really love that jason mraz quote. I have a mega crush on him... and I really really love this.

    I hope you had a great weekend!!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  7. Don't die a copy.. i will remember that

  8. I just discovered your blog and this was the perfect first post to read, very inspirational and sweet!


  9. the little mini pavlova looks so delicious!



  10. You always have some wonderful advices, I love reading you!
    Have a nice week Anna

  11. I absolutely am obsessed with colored jeans right now. Please post as many style combos with them as possible. I need inspiration!

    xo Dr. Mim

  12. Great advice, and comp agree too busy ridiculing ourselves that we don't get to just appreciate what we have! xx

  13. Great inspiration! Love the colored jeans, yummy dessert and I want that tub! I also think those words on canvas is a great idea--hope we get to see the finished result!

  14. Very motivating! This is so true. Love the colored jeans too!


  15. I love the quote about being original. I think it's important to remember it! xo



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