23 April 2012

Pinterest Loves

I don't know what it is about the weather that can dictate our moods so much, but as the cooler months are approaching my calmer mode seems to engage and instead of wanting to run and skip and laugh in the sunshine I can think of nothing better than curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and Mr M. I know that our cooler months are on the way as the sun is rising much later when we're on our way to exercise and there is a cold nip in the air at the ungodly hour of 5:15am. In light of this all my motivations and inspirations have been geared towards things that can warm me up from the inside out - big windows where I can bathe in the dying light, yummy warm recipes and DIY's that would see me kept inside for most of the day. Here is my weekly round up of my pinning loves.

I just think this hairstyle is gorgeous, and would sweeten up any Winter ensemble that sees you covered from head to toe in fabric.

Since I was a little girl I have been transfixed on having a big big window in my home with a comfy place to sit to watch the world go by, read and just 'be'. I just love this photo. I could spend hours in this spot.

I am learning some powerful lessons at the moment about how I control my own states and happiness, so when I saw this quote I knew I had to stick it up at home, in the office.. on the blog

My weekend plans coming up consist of perfecting the perfect sticky date pudding with homemade caramel - this picture inspires me to give it my best shot.

After seeing this photo, I aim to have my own chalkboard painted in to my study. Love.Love.Love


  1. I could sit in front of that window and watch the world go by for hours... preferably whilst snacking on that delicious sticky date pudding! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. There are really great photos on pinterest, especially the one with the big window. It must be awesome :) Have a good week, Anna ;)
    xoxo Eve.h

  3. Such Lovely pins my dear! Pinterest is a dream! Have a wonderful week love!

  4. That chalkboard calendar is too fun!


  5. Love the windows.. I too love rooms with windows with warm sunlight flooding in

  6. That hairstyle picture is so beautiful!

  7. Omg, I can spend hours pinning! It's such a great tool - I use it to keep ideas for my future wedding (after I get my bf to eventually propose!) and our dream house. And fashion inspiration/wish list of course! xo


  8. i love these photos you posted. they're very inspiring..especially since it's all rainy outside ><. love the airy spacious photo you posted. i've always been a big lover of big open spaces that are bright .. great for getting work done/being productive!! :D keep in touch <3


  9. That hairstyle is gorgeous! Great photos, thanks for sharing!


  10. I'm not on pinterest but I'm not sure why! These are great images...


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