27 September 2011

Worst & Worst Dressed

Ok ok I know the title is a little harsh for what today's post is all about but I have to say, when you've been anticipating an event specifically for the red carpet fashion it’s more than disappointing when the event occurs and the dresses fall well below expectations and does nothing to ignite inspiration or awe.

The event I am referring to is the AFL’s Brownlow night. For those of you playing at home (i.e. Australian girls) you will know exactly what I am referring too however for those not playing at home (i.e. everybody else) in simple terms, the event is a sporting awards night for Football where by one player is selected as best player for the season. So why does that matter. Great question. It doesn’t. What I love about the event is the red carpet event before hand where all the wives and girlfriends are dolled up and can showcase their dresses and jewellery. What I love about it is that girls just like you and I, get to for one evening feel like super stars as they get dolled up in designer gowns and have hair and make up people running after them all day and walk down a red carpet (it's actually dubbed the Blue carpet) with photographers and TV crews.

Ordinarily there’s many stand out dresses and girls who shine, however this year I really wasn’t wowed by any dresses and nothing sparked inspiration in me. I’ll leave you to decide though, who would you pick as best & worst dressed? I made my own little note under the photo for my pick of best and worst dressed (Comments correlate to the photo above it).

WORST DRESSED - Brynne Edelsten

WORST DRESSED (Equal First) - Julie Klein

BEST DRESSED - Nadia Coppolino

BEST DRESSED (Equal First) - Lynette Bolton ( You can't beat a head to toe white ensemble pulled off this well coupled with a beautiful pregnant glow! )

WORST DRESSED (Runner Up) - Renae Wauhop 


  1. Oh yuck, I vote for Brynn Edelsten...

  2. Some of them REALLY need a stylist.


  3. OMG haha I totally saw this on the news and nearly barfed when I saw the trash that is Brynne Edelsten! So so soooo bad!


  4. thank you for your comment !

    funny post ; I don't really know these people but I agree the dresses are not that great !

    new post : my summer outfits overview


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