14 September 2011

I'll take them please - with a splash of colour

[ LOOKING: Red pair of perfect jeans. FOUND. J Brand Red skinny legs ] - $176

Colour Blocking.
I think it is part the fact that the weather is starting to warm up and part the fact that I am just in excited love with Springs trends but I adore the coloured denim that is dominating girls legs and bums at present. I love that it might push girls out of their comfort zone by splashing bright colours across their bodies if their used to safe, neutral wear. Unfortunately though, I have been having major fashion issues with trying to pick the colour I want (have I told you I’m bad with decisions sometimes?) Buy them all I hear you say. YES! I respond. However remember girls, I have Europe to travel and a business to maintain, so therein lied my problem and therein lied the hold up with purchasing my perfect pair.
I settled hard on wanting Red in the end so next was the process of finding not just the perfect colour red (I wanted quite a bold colour, not maroon) but the perfect cut – I was going for mid high waisted and a skinny leg. Bardot had a beautiful array of coloured denim on offer which are the main feature of today’s post – the colours are bold, and the cut was amazing so if you’re yet to find your own pair of coloured goodness then have a look at the pics below. My own pair I have found came from J Brand however as I swear they were made for me. They fit more than perfectly and it was everything I was looking for in jeans – mid waisted, skinny leg, bright red. Can’t wait to wear them out for the first time and will share that experience with you all.
p.s  They’d go well with the Tony Biancos I’m thinking – just to really push my colour blocking experience.


  1. The red jeans would look amazing on you!

  2. I look forward to seeing you in those red jeans. It´s quite funny because my todays post is also about color blocking. :D I´m also bad with decision making. ;) xx Eve

  3. I've wanted a pair of colored skinnys like that for a while now, haven't found a pair that fits me though! these make me wanna go shopping for them again haha

  4. i love the second one!
    salmon color looks perfect
    for the fall <3


  5. i like the peachy coloured one!

    xx from hong kong :)

  6. These pants are amazing! :) I love all of them. I have to get a few pair asap. Great post. Love reading your blog.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I would love for you to stop back by Fash Boulevard again soon.


  7. Love Love Love colored pants! You're going to have so much fun remixing them :) I'm not sure if you have an Urban Outfitters in Aussie....but they always have some great picks for colored jeans.


  8. i'm so in love with color blocking but too fashion-timid to try it! i usually stick with my usual jeans/black pants and go color-bold with my tops. (if that) hahah i love my nudes..(coloring that is). wish i had the courage to buy those pants but i know i'd never wear them more than once. :P


  9. Love the last wine red ones! Bring on the colours!


  10. I love colored pants, I have a few in my wardrobe too! :)

    x Eline - On high heels you're closer to the sky

  11. colored pants are totally awesome, especially pink! my fave color!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. I think I would go for the hot-pink jeans myself, but I've never really been able to pull off skinny jeans. My bank account is thanking me for this fact right now. ;) I love your choice of bold red, and I can't wait to see the first ensemble you pull together with them. Happy springtime down under, Anna! :)


  13. I'm dying for a pair of coloured jeans! Great picks :)


  14. All are great!! But the last are the best!

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  15. They all look so good! Nice blog



  16. I love the pair of red J Brand Jeans, I have them too and they are amazing!



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