3 August 2011

"You've changed" vs Personal Growth

As explained yesterday, I wanted to stray this week from talking about what I'm currently crushing on, or baking or anything else for that matter, and instead share some different little insights that I love writing about and living by (everything will be back to normal by the weekend I promise!). So Welcome to day 2 of this and thank you so much to the girls who left gorgeous comments yesterday! I wanted to share with you today my take on Change vs Growth of individuals.

Change - to become different.
Growth - to increase in size, develop, to become.

How many times have you heard someone say about you, or about someone else in conversation - "you've changed"? Those 2 words can frustrate me endlessly when I hear others use them over and over to explain differences in people. Everybody changes. You change once a year as you get older on your birthday, you change your hair colour, you might change your fashion, and you might even change your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're guilty of using those two words when trying to typecast someone that you don't quite understand or to be negative about, then stop. Don't say it. I think it's negative and unnecessary to the person you're saying it about and if you wouldn't like hearing it said to you, then you shouldn't say it in the first place.
People grow (in size, they develop; they become - to use the dictionary definition) If people honestly believe someone is going to stay the same their whole life well then that's just unreasonable. I challenge you to really identify what it is about them that you feel has changed and consider if it's for the worse, or if it's hurting anybody. In my own experiences, 9 times out of 10 it's doing neither and it's just that person (or friend in most of our cases) that is developing or growing as an individual.

So make sure you embrace people as they develop / change / grow and always seek out the good in people instead of typecasting differences with those 2 words that nobody likes to hear - "you've changed".
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
 The full article I wrote on this is found here


  1. I LOVE that youve written about this subject. The amount of times I hear 'you've changed' about either one of my close friends or even about ME - its infuriating.
    My sister recently got a boyfriend she's really into, and sees him equally the amount of time as she sees her friends, yet they all say 'you've changed' - obviously she's changed but only because shes happy! Is that really a bad thing? urrrrrrr it makes me so angry!

    So yes - you speak words of wisdom! xx

  2. I love this analogy I believe that sometimes change is great especially if it is for the best. We can look at growth like a tree growing taller but never forgetting that you still need the roots to keep you grounded.


  3. Anna-this is really thought-provoking! Great post. I love that you are stepping out of the fashion box a little bit.


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  4. This is such a thoughtful and insightful post. Fantastic!


  5. Hannah I know exactly what you mean! I always love that quote 'be the change you wish to see in the world' so make it my mission to be so much more accepting of changes in friends so I myself am never guilty of 'you've changed'. I'm glad you girls enjoyed it though



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