15 August 2011

What's on my Monday's mind

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  • Adventures.
  • Big, long, possibly scary, definitely exciting, adventures.
  • I keep thinking about distant and far away lands and strange cultures - much to my imaginations delight.
  • Should I be this excited with a year out to Mr M & I's European & U.S adventure? Maybe....Maybe not. Who cares I say!
  • They say travel is a great relationship tester, so I'm looking forward to that test - HA
  • Speaking of tests though, I feel assembling furniture is in fact much more of a great relationship tester than travelling to amazing places.
  • They don't tell you in all the magazines that trying to put together a king size bed with your significant other can test a relationship.
  • Yeah... I've been there.
  • That should be a pre requisite before marriage actually. Furniture assembling.
  • If you say you've never fought with your better other half when putting together furniture I'd call you a liar pretty damn saintly (read amazing)
  • Wait where was I?
  • Adventures...yes. Adventures.
  • We're up to 19 countries on our list so far of where to go. That excites me. Along with us almost booking the convertible car we'll be driving when we do the Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive (hello head scarf and over sized sunglasses).
  • I'm so excited and it's not that eeeeeeeeeeeee kind of excitement either.
  • It's more of that "shit why won't you let me sleep mind" kind of excitement.
  • Probably not normal this far out ....
  • Definitely me though

HAPPY MONDAY pretty things xxx

p.s I had the whole family over for dinner last night (have I mentioned I have 3 brothers & 1 sister? big family) Alas. It meant my sister brought along her new little one Delilah who's just turned 6 weeks old. Just when I think I can't fall in any more love with my niece - I DO! Here is her and I last night relaxing on the couch.


  1. This is such a nice post. We all need a bit of adventure, to make us feel alive. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Following you back, your niece look adorable! thank you xx Joice

  3. Cute blog, I'm now a follower. :)


  4. That is a beautiful picture, you and your neice :)

  5. That's a beautiful picture and I love the way you write, it's fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

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  6. your niece is so cute! stumbled upon your blog and found it so interesting ;) new follower here :)


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