17 July 2011

Weekend in Snapshots

I had grand plans this weekend that included making my own vitamin C fask mask and finding a red antique lounge/chair that could go in my study. Although I succeeded in purchasing the ingredients for my mask, I didn't end up getting to try it, and I ran out of time to go shopping for my must have chair. Not all was lost this weekend however. Mr M & I set up our first joint bank account, I baked a caramel & walnut slice, I had a boozy night out with the girls, tried out a gorgeous new restaurant on the beach with a gf and had a day trip down to Mandurah.

My DIY facemask is now on next weekends 'to do' list and I am determined to find my perfect antique lounge chair for the office so stay tuned (I also want to try my hand at making some DIY bangles, but I will post how that all goes). Below are some snap shots from my weekend.

[ The base of my Walnut & Caramel Slice ]

[ Caramel layer added, starting to smell delicious ]

[ Breakfast venue - The Naked Fig, so gorgeous ]

[ Lounging on the front of the boat with some wine & a fantastic companion ]

[ Snapped enjoying the last bit of the amazing Winter sun ]

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